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Faeria Friday: Catching up on Cardbacks

Written by Gary Morris  |  10/25/2019

We've got more Seasonal Cardbacks on the way. Also, Khalim Open results!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Seasonal Cardbacks

We've been a bit delayed on getting out Seasonal Cardbacks recently, but that's all about to change.

Next week we'll be patching in the past two months of Seasonal Cardbacks, and preparing for this month's as well.

As a reminder, all of the monthly cardbacks this year tell the story of the genesis of Faeria.

August's Cardback:

Depiction: Gaea's sacrifice and the creation of the Tree of Gaea.

September's Cardback:

Depiction: Alua's trap - Orobouros bites his tail and swallows Alua.

October's Cardback (this month's):

Depiction: Thyrians creating the First Orb in Vasirion's temple.

You still have over a week to earn October's Cardback!

As always, to earn seasonal cardbacks finish at the following ranks at the end of a season:

Ranked cardbacks:

  • Silver cardback: Rank 15 or better
  • Golden cardback: God rank.

Pandora cardbacks:

  • Silver cardback: 100 points or more.
  • Golden cardback: Finish in the Top 64 of Pandora Points.

Note that these cardbacks will of course have proper golden and Pandora versions.

Khalim Seasonal Cup

Congratulations to the CHAMPIONS of the Season of Khalim, 2019!

  • 1st. happyjo - South Korea
  • 2nd. SuperbLizard - Germany
  • 3rd. evgeney24 - Russia
  • 4th. Martus - Germany

You can find recordings of the broadcast here:

Season of Seifer

The first Seifer open is being moved to Saturday, November 9th to allow for more time to signup.

Note that CEST is becoming CET near the end of October. Fall is officially here.

Decks of the Week

Khalim Seasonal Cup Decks

Community Decks