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Faeria Friday: Gliding on

Written by Gary Morris  |  05/03/2019

Here's a summary of this week's community news and more. Find the most popular Hub decks and tournament results here, every Faeria Friday.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

HD Gagana Art

High-Definition Chronicles of Gagana art is now in our public asset folder!

Hmm, the Treasure Map would make a nice mousepad...

Upcoming news

We know things are a bit quiet on our development news end, but we're still on the tail-end of Gagana's release.

Rest assured, we will have some exciting stuff to talk about - once everything is ready.

In the short-term, we do plan on a small balance patch in the near future, and have our eyes on a bit larger one following that.

We're also fixing that pesky spectating bug where Player 2 crashes the game when they Discover. Stop it, Player 2.

Ruunin Open #1 Results

  • 1st. Summerflame - USA
  • 2nd. N3R0N - Russia
  • 3rd. evgeney24 - Russia
  • 4th. SuperbLizard - SuperbLizard
  • FWC Point tracker

May Tournaments

Registrations for official Championship League tournaments in May is are now open.

Season Reset

As a reminder, our seasons reset on the first Monday of every month.

That means we'll be resetting the Ranked and Pandora ladders this Monday, May 6th at 12:00 CEST.

You have all weekend to fight for these cardbacks!

Meta Snapshot

Aquablad returns for a rundown of decks featured in the Ruunin's Open #1 and how they fit into the Chronicles of Gagana metagame.

Decks of the Week

Ruunin Open #1 decks

Featured Community Decks