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Faeria Friday: Of Gods and Giants

Written by Gary Morris  |  02/15/2019

Our seasonal card backs this year will tell a story. Make sure to play on the ladder or Pandora to earn them!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

This year's cardbacks

There's something we didn't mention about this year's Seasonal Cardbacks:

They will tell the story of the world of Faeria's genesis.

January's cardback, in case you missed it, introduced the concept of Orobouros and the Gods.

In case you missed it, it looked like this:

February's cardback, pictured below, introduces the Giants.

(Click for HD versions, ~3mb)

We will continue to tell this story throughout the year, in cardback form.

Next month, we visit the war of the Giants and Dragons...

Make sure to play on the Ranked ladder or Pandora to earn them!

Hunter's puzzle

This week, Hunter has another interesting puzzle for everyone.

It asks a very simple question:

Why did the Savannah Explorer Die?

Was it Krog in the Forbidden Library with the Hammer of Destruction?

That's for you to figure out. Click the above image to watch the video.

Note: Everything that happens within the masked area is justified. There are other things happening on the board that lead to these results.

If you think you know the answer, join our official Discord and message hunter#1435, or discuss it with everyone. Maybe you'll be the first to figure it out.

March Conventions

As we may have briefly mentioned before, at this time we plan on attending both GDC in San Fransisco and PAX East in Boston next month.

For PAX East, there's a possibility we will be hosting an online Blitz tournament during this time to put on display. Live or pre-recorded, we're not sure yet. Keep an eye out for more info here.

Aurora Open #3 Results

Congratulations to the top finishers of last weekend's Aurora Open #3!

  • 1st. happyjo - South Korea - $200 + 100 FWC points
  • 2nd. ESofDawn - Israel - $125 + 75 FWC points
  • 3rd. Minocaro - France - $75 + 60 FWC points
  • 4th. Werfs - Canada - 40 FWC points
  • Coverage of third and fourth place matches

Championship League registration

The next Championship League tournament takes place next Saturday.

Guides and Videos

Stream Highlight - Luu's BR Value Factory

Luuu returns to remind us how to play as greedy as possible.

Faeria Beginner Guide - by Matrien

Matrien walks you through the first steps you can take when using a Green Deck. This video was posted a month or so ago, but it's now on our main channel thanks to Matrien. It's great for beginners!

Decks of the Week

Aurora Open #3 Featured Decks