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Faeria Friday: Adopt this Fugu

Written by Gary Morris  |  02/09/2018

The Faeria World Circuit is in full swing, with its first official tournament tomorrow, and a brand new card back!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

The Fugu in the banner above, and many others like it, will be available for adoption in Faeria's next expansion. Please begin making plans for this newest addition to your family.

Faeria World Circuit Cardback

We're happy to announce a new reward in the Faeria World Circuit: a new cardback!

Any player that makes their way to the top 32 in FWC Points at the end of a season will earn this cardback. If there are multiple ties for the last slot, all of those players will earn the cardback.

FWC Championship League - Aurora Open

Speaking of the Faeria World Circuit, the first official Championship League tournament takes place tomorrow, February 10th.

Have a chance to win $400 in prizes and lots of FWC Points!

Don't forget, you can win prizes just by watching any official or sanctioned tournament in the Faeria World Circuit. Tune in to the following streams for a chance to win prizes!

Remember to bind your Twitch account to Faeria by visiting your user profile in The Hub.

Turn4 Faeria Classic

Starting in March, a brand new community tournament series will begin.

The Turn4 Faeria Classic offers four tournament modes with unique limitations on deck-building each month.

  • Week 1: Pauper Power. Only common rarity cards.
  • Week 2: Wild West. 15+ cards with Wild symbol in land requirement.
  • Week 3: Mono Mania. Only cards from 1 colour (no neutral cards).
  • Week 4: Bold Bargain. Only cards with a bold keyword (i.e. Jump, Gift).

Zaldinfox, the organizer, is now looking for volunteers interested in filling particular roles. Could that be you?

Manta Cup 6 Recap

Find the top players, decks and full results of last weekend's Manta Cup here:

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Aquablad's Mono Blue Jump is back! Watch it hop into action.

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