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Treasures of the Oversky

Written by Abrakam  |  08/02/2017

Here you'll find all of the cards we've revealed so far that are coming this summer with the Oversky expansion!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Discover the Oversky

This summer, journey above the clouds to an untouched paradise full of exotic creatures and priceless treasures. An entirely new set of 33 cards eagerly await to be added to your decks!

Below you can discover the islands of the Oversky and the cards they contain:

Explorer's Glade

Unlocks Tuesday, August 15th - FREE!

Ulani's Realm

Unlocks Tuesday, August 15th

Wisplight Falls

Unlocks Tuesday, August 22nd

Pirate's Aerie

Unlocks Tuesday, August 29th

Gaea's Navel

Unlocks Tuesday, September 5th

New abilities and mechanics

Use exciting new abilities from the lands of the Oversky, such as the ability to Swallow a creature whole.

The Oversky also introduces a brand new Wild land requirement which allows you to explore multi-color deck building in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Numbers subject to change:

As a disclaimer, these cards are currently undergoing internal testing and may be subject to change. You may notice, for example, Crystal Flower has 1 more health than it did when we first revealed it. Hey, it grew!

See you in the Oversky.

  • The Faeria Team