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Faeria Friday: A lot to swallow

Written by Gary Morris  |  07/28/2017

These new Oversky cards are a mouthful.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

A lot to swallow

Hungry for more Oversky content?

This week, we'd like to introduce to you a delicious new keyword that we've cooked up for the Oversky expansion.

Swallow: Imprisons a creature inside this. When this dies, the creature is released.

In other words - these guys eat things, then spit them out when they die. When a creature (or structure) has swallowed something, you'll be able to see what's inside its belly by hovering over the unit on the battlefield.

You may recognize Azure Skywhale from the various landscapes and backgrounds we've teased for the Oversky previously. These ubiquitous, lumbering beasts can be found coasting through the floating islands above the clouds. Should you find yourself near the business end of one of these massive creatures, you'll quickly discover whether or not it smells worse on the inside. Make no mistake, at a cost of 8 Wild lands, this creature is meant to make a huge splash when it enters play.

Crystal Flower, on the other hand, is tethered to the ground. This structure allows you to imprison a creature from anywhere on the battlefield, placing it into a sort of "stasis" until it breaks its way free. Hopefully when it pops back out it isn't too angry.

Both of these cards are fully costed in "Wild" lands, which we introduced to you previously. This means that any deck that brings itself to a sufficient number of colored lands will have the option of using these exotic "living prisons".

Sound interesting? Oversky and all of its creatures will be making its way to you this summer. Stay tuned for more.

Game Design contest

After we posted the Game Design contest a few weeks ago - we received a lot of submissions. It's going to take us a bit of time to continue to work through each application and give them the proper amount of attention they deserve. We know many are eager for the results. At this time, we estimate we'll be making decisions on who to interview in the next two weeks. We received so many entrants that we simply won't have time to reply to absolutely everyone, but we'll post an update once we have finished our search.

Monthly Cup XIII Qualifier #2

Playing in the qualifiers is one of three ways you can qualify for the Monthly Cup. You can also earn a spot through ladder placements or community votes.

If you've never participated in an official Faeria tournament before, check out this helpful guide.

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