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How to Get Turn One Lethal!!!

Posted by Franklin3113 on 29/07/2018

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:O :O :O :O :O is this what OTK (One Turn Kill) means?

Hey guys! it's Franklin again (wow I made How to Create an Endless Battle three days ago and I'm already making another guide.) I didn't plan to make another guide so soon but this is probably the most coolest thing I have ever found so I had to share it with you guys. Turn one lethal! I don't think anyone has found this turn one lethal yet, at least, no one said anything on discord because when I searched "Turn 1 lethal", I didn't get anything. This is how you do it:

Turn One Lethal

You are going to have to go second with the Explore card.

  • Start with a Failed Experiment, Water Elemental, Spellwhirl and Explore card.
  • Play Explore. (You now have 5 faeria.)
  • Use your Power Wheel to make a lake in front of your orb.
  • Play Failed Experiment. (You now have 4 faeria.)
  • Play Water Elemental for free and make the lake in front of the first lake.
  • Play Spellwhirl which gives you two more Spellwhirl.
  • Play the two Spellwhirls which both gives you two more Spellwhirls. (So now you have 4 Spellwhirls)
  • Play another two Spellwhirls which will give you three Failed Experiments and a Stormspawn.
  • Use all three Failed Experiments and then the Stormspawn (You are now at 11 faeria!)
  • Play the other two Spellwhirls which will give you another Spellwhirl and three more Water Elementals
  • Play the Spellwhirl which gives you the last Spellwhirl we will use this game and a Failed Experiments
  • Play the final Spellwhirl which gives you a Failed Experiments and a Lore Thief

Currently we have 11 Faeria, 2 Lakes and 6 cards (3 Water Elementals, 2 Failed Experiments and a Lore Theif) Let's continue!

  • Play Failed Experiments and then Water Elemental for free and make a lake in front of the second lake. (You are now at 10 faeria.)
  • Play the Lore Thief and draw two more cards which are Baron Thulgar and a Failed Experiment
  • Play Failed Experiments and then Water Elemental for free and make a lake in front of the third lake. (You are now at 9 faeria.)
  • Play the final Water Elemental and make a lake in front of the forth lake. (You are now at 5 faeria and there is a path of 5 lakes to your opponents face)
  • Use Failed Experiment and then play Baron Thulgar (2 faeria to spare) and Thulgar draws an AURORAS DREAM FOR FREE.
  • Play Auroras Dream, you draw two more Water Elemental, a Dream Reaver, three Ninja Toads and a Triton Banquet and two other cards of no significance. They all cost 0 faeria.

Can you spot lethal now? :)

  • Play the two Water Elemental in two of the lakes that aren't adjacent to the face. Make the two lakes on the side of the fifth lake so that it is adjacent to the face.
  • Play Dream Reaver and dash it into the neutral prarie off of Explore and set your opponent to ten health.
  • Play down two Ninja Toads and hit your opponent for six (they are now at 4 health)
  • Play down your last Ninja Toad, use Triton Banquet on it and hit for the final 4 damage.

Wow, now this is an OTK and that's probably the best OTK ever. Imagine seeing this in a real game and how mad your opponent would get. He just plays down one Forest and passes. Then, when it's your turn you place down these 32 cards and kill him in one turn. That would be hilarious. If you find a solution that uses less than 32 cards (including explore) to get lethal on turn one then please let me know in the comments! With this Spellwhirl chaining strategy I actually found a faster way to kill yourself so I edited my guide on Fastest Way to Kill Yourself. Go check it out! and thanks for reading :).

P.S. Yesterday I accidently clicked publish when it wasn't done and then had to rename it Not Finished (DO NOT CLICK) but then it got 7 likes overnight so I had to keep it up.