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Posted by Reath on 17/11/2017

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This guide provides a rough rating on how useful each card is in November 2017. It can be used to help choose which cards to reroll in battle chests.

Note that the cards from the Oversky expansion don't appear in battle chests. You can get those cards by buying the Oversky islands in the play → adventure → Oversky menu.


Tier Explanation
S Excellent.
A Very strong.
B Strong.
C Average. Worth including in some decks.
D Weak. Only worth playing for fun.
+/- Indicates small differences in rank. Plus is better and minus is worse.

The ranks are determined by how strong the cards have been in matches I've played and spectated. A card's ranking is based on how well it performs in the best deck it can be used in at the moment.

The rankings are my personal opinion. They're intended as a guideline to help people know how useful specific cards are, in order to help in choosing which cards to reroll.


Tier Card Name
S Azure Skywhale
S Outland Ranger
S Syland Horsemaster
A Maceman
A The Emperor's Command
A- Time of Legends
B+ Falcon Dive
B+ Queen's Guard
B Village Elder
B Wandering Monk
B King's Guard
B Radiance, Imperial Airship
B Goki, Friendly Miner (in co-op)
B Divine Guardian
B Imperial Drain
B Crystal Flower
B- Campfire
B- Balloon Fish
B- Steamforge Enforcer
B- Farm Boy
B- Yakkapult
B- King's Faithful
B- Daring Adventurer
C+ Court Jester
C+ War Yak
C+ Yak Attack
C+ Royal Judge
C+ Healing Song
C+ Safeguard
C+ Punishment
C+ Rebel Slinger
C+ Hold the Line!
C+ Rebel Glider
C+ Magnus, King of Meroval
C Emperor Kaios
C Monkey Genius
C Plague Bearer
C Master Swordsman
C Queen's Assassin
C Tax Collector
C Prairie Yak
C Storyteller
C Imperial Guard
C Long-horned Yak
C Queen's Favorite
C Intrepid Explorer
C Unlikely Hero
C Imperial Engineer
C Cartographer
C- Rainforest Explorer
C- Savannah Explorer
C- Taiga Explorer
C- Oasis Explorer
C- Sandstone Explorer
C- Wisdom
C- Famine
C- Steam Forge
C- Freedom Fighter
C- Defender of the Homeland
D+ Syland Warrior
D+ Baron Thulgar
D+ Magda, Queen of Meroval
D+ Siege Engine
D Cutthroat Bandit
D Shimmering Statue
D Walking Fortress
D Hilltop Archer
D Hunted Outlaw
D Fortune Hunter
D Sharra, Dragonslayer
D Goki, Friendly Miner (in 1 vs 1)
D Day of the Dragons


Tier Card Name
S Earthcraft
S Thyrian Golem
S Sagami Grovecaller
S Elderwood Embrace
S Ruunin the Relentless
A Wood Elemental
A Verduran Force
A Bone Collector
A Ruunin's Guidance
A Deepwood Stalker
A- Grove Guardian
A- Living Willow
A- Feed the Forest
B+ Tiki Caretaker
B+ Sagami Warrior
B Ancient Boar
B Voice of Truth
B Bloomsprite
B Deepwood Grizzly
B Tiki Piper
B Elderwood Hermit
B Tethra, Soul of the Wild
B Ruunin's Messenger
B Ruunin's Shrine
B Gift of the Rakoa
B- Overgrown Tower
B- Oakling
B- Oak Father
B- Flowersilk Faerie
B- Seed of Paradise
B- Feral Kodama
C+ Eredon, Voice of All
C+ Spirit of Rebirth
C Ancient Beastmaster
C Seed Sower
C Tiki Totem
C Primeval Colossus
C Wild Avenger
C God Hunter
C- Shamanic Dance
C- Vine Wall
C- Soulbound Sagami
C- Tiki Healer
C- Possessed Ursus
C- Voice of Hunger
D+ Seedling
D+ Faeria Tree
D+ Wild Growth
D Everbloom Wisp
D Gaea's Grace
D Tiki Chieftain
D The Tree of Everlife
D Ruunin's Presence
D Weeping Idol
D Tarum, the Forest World


Tier Card Name
S Aurora, Myth Maker
S Mirror Phantasm
S Water Elemental
S Battle Toads
A+ Frogify
A+ Wavecrash Colossus
A Mystic Beast
A Triton Warrior
A Gabrian Archon
A Fugoro, Merchant of Wonders
B+ Gabrian Enchantment
B+ Dream Reaver
B+ Forbidden Library
B Gabrian Enchantress
B Sunken Tower
B Sturdy Shell
B Ancient Herald
B Spring Mochi
B Aurora's Creation
B Failed Experiment
B- Curious Biomancer
B- Gabrian Commander
B- Ninja Toad
B- Shifting Tide
B- Prophet of Tides
B- Aurora's Disciple
B- Leaping Fugu
B Baeru, the First Wave
C+ Spellwhirl
C+ Lore Thief
C+ Dark Stalker
C+ Windfall
C+ Aurora's Trick
C Triton Trainer
C Triton Banquet
C Tyranax
C Snowstorm Lancer
C Gabrian Warden
C Stormspawn
C Luduan
C Triton Chef
C Orosei, Dream of the Deep
C- Triton Sanctuary
C- Humbling Vision
C- Wavecrafter
C- Gemsilk Faerie
D+ Gabrian Noble
D+ Azure Wisp
D+ Triton Diver
D+ Ruby Fish
D+ Gabrian Cistern
D+ Illusion of Grandeur
D+ Tale of the Old Turtle
D Aurora's Dream
D Egg of Wonders


Tier Card Name
S Axe Grinder
S Flame Burst
S Seifer's Wrath
S Seifer, Blood Tyrant
S Groundshaker
S Underground Brigand
S Gift of Steel
A+ Garudan, Heart of the Mountain
A Bomb Slinger
A Firestorm
B+ Grim Guard
B+ Underground Boss
B+ Shedim Brute
B Derelict Tower
B Rakoan Reveller
B Crumbling Golem
B- Grappling Hook
B- Hellfire
B- Blood Singer
B- Kobold Warbeast
B- Fire Elemental
C+ Herald of War
C+ Volcanic Colossus
C+ Firebomb
C+ Flame Spitter
C+ Ogre Battler
C+ Red Devil
C+ Cap-10, Sky Pirate
C Exalted Ogre
C Blood Song
C Firebringer
C Shedim Pest
C Kobold Barracks
C Seifer's Fodder
C Hate Seed
C Bold Bargainer
C Ogre Dance
C Devouring Plant
C Bloodstone Sprite
C Lord of Terror
C Ignus, the First Flame
C- Blood Obelisk
C- Bloodfire Wisp
C- Barbarian Ogre
C- Kobold Warlord
C- Blazing Salamander
C- Flame Thrower
C- Krog's Dinner
D+ Cannon Carrier
D+ Boulder Thrower
D+ Battle Rager
D Krog, the Ogre King
D Architect
D Flamesilk Faerie
D Meteor


Tier Card Name
S Soul Drain
S Wind Soldier
S Shaytan Demon
S Khalim's Prayer
S Manta Rider
S Flash Wind
A+ Windstorm Colossus
A+ Khalim's Training
A Oradrim Monk
A Windstorm Charger
A Khalim's Follower
A Oradrim Fanatic
A Iona's Smile
A- Choking Sand
B+ Zealous Crusader
B+ Mistral Guide
B+ Khalim, Sky Prodigy
B+ Demon Wrangler
B Last Nightmare
B Celestial Tower
B Windborne Emissary
B Flash Salmon
B Shaytan Assassin
B Air Elemental
B- Windstorm Archer
B- Wind Gate
B- Oradrim Templar
B- Lord of the Wastes
B- Soul Pact
B- Istanu, Eternal Light
C+ Drakkar Skycaptain
C+ Oradrim Sagittarius
C+ Annoying Gnat
C+ Shaytan Monstrosity
C Death Walker
C Deathwish Ghoul
C Oblivion Rider
C Demon Wing
C Windborne Champion
C Golden Aviary
C- Oath to Oblivion
C- Doomsday
C- Dune Drake
C- Khalim's Skyguard
D+ Shaytan Scavenger
D+ Keldran Soldier
D+ Sunsilk Faerie
D+ Desert Twister
D Malevolent Spirit
D Wind Wisp
D Altar of Souls
D Azarai, Wrath of the Desert
D Iona, Beloved by All
D Doomgate, Door to Oblivion
D Slaughtering Shadow


Tier Card Name
S Frog Tosser
S Sky Yak
A+ Crackthorn Beast
A+ Soul Eater
A+ Shifting Octopus
A Gemshell Tortoise
A- Scourgeflame Specter
B+ Oversky Towship
B- Sky Anemone
B- Twinsoul Spirit
B- Flight of the Mantas
C+ Rakoan Chieftain
C+ Emerald Salamander
C Skyward Swordfish
C Dream Keeper
C Ulani, Oversky Shaman
D+ Three Wishes
D+ Apex Predator
D Icerock Behemoth

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