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Rare Tierlist

Posted by Reath on 17/11/2017

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This guide provides a rating on how useful each rare card is in March 2018.
It can be used to help choose which cards to reroll in battle chests.

Note that the cards from the Oversky expansion don't appear in battle chests. You can get those cards by buying the Oversky islands in the play → adventure → Oversky menu.

Some of the card ratings are currently inaccurate, because the guide hasn't been updated to account for later balance patches.


Tier Explanation
S Excellent.
A Very strong.
B Strong.
C Average. Worth including in some decks.
D Weak. Only worth playing for fun.
+/- Indicates small differences in rank. Plus is better and minus is worse.

The ranks are determined by how strong the cards have been in matches I've played and spectated. A card's ranking is based on how well it performs in the best deck it can be used in at the moment.

The rankings are my personal opinion. They're intended as a guideline to help people know how useful specific cards are, in order to help choose which cards to reroll.


Tier Card Name
A Outland Ranger
B+ Queen's Guard
B Wandering Monk
B King's Guard
B- Balloon Fish
C+ Court Jester
C+ War Yak
C Plague Bearer
C Master Swordsman
C- Monkey Genius
C- Caldera Explorer
C- Rainforest Explorer
C- Savannah Explorer
C- Taiga Explorer
C- Oasis Explorer
C- Sandstone Explorer
C- Wisdom
C- Famine


Tier Card Name
S Thyrian Golem
S Sagami Grovecaller
A Verduran Force
A- Feed the Forest
A- Grove Guardian
B Voice of Truth
B- Overgrown Tower
B- Oakling
C+ Spirit of Rebirth
C Tiki Totem
C Wild Avenger
C- Primeval Colossus
D Everbloom Wisp
D Gaea's Grace


Tier Card Name
S Battle Toads
A+ Frogify
A+ Wavecrash Colossus
A Mystic Beast
B+ Forbidden Library
B Gabrian Enchantress
B Sunken Tower
B- Curious Biomancer
B- Gabrian Commander
B- Ninja Toad
C+ Spellwhirl
C Triton Trainer
C Triton Banquet
C- Triton Sanctuary
D+ Gabrian Noble
D+ Azure Wisp


Tier Card Name
S Axe Grinder
S Flame Burst
S Seifer's Wrath
B+ Grim Guard
B Derelict Tower
B- Grappling Hook
C+ Herald of War
C+ Volcanic Colossus
C Blood Song
C Firebringer
C Shedim Pest
C Kobold Barracks
C- Blood Obelisk
C- Bloodfire Wisp
D+ Boulder Thrower
D+ Battle Rager


Tier Card Name
S Khalim's Prayer
S Manta Rider
A+ Flash Wind
A+ Windstorm Colossus
A+ Khalim's Training
A Oradrim Monk
B+ Zealous Crusader
B Mistral Guide
B Last Nightmare
B Celestial Tower
B- Windstorm Archer
C+ Drakkar Skycaptain
C Death Walker
C- Oath to Oblivion
D Malevolent Spirit
D Wind Wisp


Tier Card Name
A+ Shifting Octopus
A Gemshell Tortoise
B+ Sky Yak
B Path to Paradise
B- Sky Anemone
C+ Rakoan Chieftain

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