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How to Egg?

Written by Gary Morris  |  11/11/2016

This is an informational post dedicated solely to explaining how Egg hatching and prize giveaways during Monthly Cups work. It will be updated each time it is necessary.

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What are Eggs?

Eggs are special avatars we have awarded previously through in-game events and special tournament streams. While they are pretty on their own, all Eggs will eventually hatch into something even more precious.

How can I get an Egg?

Each Monthly Cup we give away free prizes to anyone watching any of the approved streams. Among those prizes are the precious Eggs.

Tune in to the next Monthly Cup for a chance to win!

Next Monthly Cup:

Approved streams:

Full Instructions on how to be eligible to receive a prize:

(Please read carefully)

  • Ensure you have a Faeria account that has completed the Prologue with a registered email address
    • This means you have to have installed Faeria on your Steam account and validated your Faeria account with an email address. When you complete the Prologue missions in Faeria, you are prompted to validate your account via email. If you choose not to, the next time you log in you will be asked to validate.
  • Link your Twitch account to Faeria
  • Watch an approved stream to increase your Egg Timer
  • Profit

Make sure to check your Spam or Junk folders in your email inbox. Some email providers mistakenly sort all Eggs directly into them. The nerve! Due to the sometimes large amount of emails to send, It can take some time to deliver them all. Please be patient to receive your prize!

Note: The rewards are now given directly in-game unless you already own an Egg Avatar. In that particular case, you will be receiving an Egg Avatar coupon that can be redeemed via the shop as soon as you do not own another Egg Avatar.

Egg Timers:

Every single minute you are watching one of the approved Egg streams, your Egg Timer will increase. The higher your Egg Timer, the more chances to win more valuable prizes. Every 30 minutes, prizes are distributed to a select amount of active viewers based on the value of Egg Timers. If you are selected as a winner, prizes will be sent to the email address linked to your Faeria account. Due to popular demand, we have added a guaranteed prize to those who have watched over a certain amount of time. The rest of the prizes are given at random.

  • 30 minutes+:
    • Chance to win 1000 Gold.
  • 1 hour+:
    • Chance to win a Pandora Coin.
  • 1.5 hours+:
    • Chance to win a Mythic Chest.
  • 4 hours+:
    • Egg Avatar - GUARANTEED PRIZE.

You may only win one of each prize throughout the course of the entire stream. You can check your Egg timer via The Hub.

Hatching your Eggs

Eggs generally hatch during weekends of the Monthly Cup.

Next hatching period:

  • Start: Saturday, April 8th - 16:00 CET
  • End: Sunday, April 9th - 23:59 CET

How do I hatch my Egg?

If you own an Egg, you need only check back from time to time in-game to see if it has hatched. If you are connected to Faeria you have a slightly higher chance for your Egg to hatch than if you are not. If you have been lucky enough to have another Egg coupon laying around, you may even be able to hatch more than one during the hatching period. Note, however, that chances to hatch any Eggs past the first one become much smaller during the same hatching period, and you cannot hatch more than three at this time.

If your Egg is ready to hatch, you will see this button appear on the main menu. Click it to initiate the hatching process. We recommend you stay at a safe distance until it is complete. Eggs will usually hatch before the hatching period is over - so if you want to save your egg, wait to apply the coupon until the hatching period is over.

How many Eggs can I hatch?

At this point in time, you can only ever have hatched three Eggs in total. If you apply an Egg coupon to your account and have already hatched three Eggs, you cannot hatch another yet. We applaud your Egg hoarding abilities, but in the future we plan on adding many more possible hatchlings. You can hang on to your Eggs until that time comes.

Any questions?

Please feel free to join our Discord channel and ask!