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Improving Pandora

Written by Abrakam  |  09/29/2016

We've been saying for a long time now that the Pandora ranking system and overall structure has been somewhat temporary as we work out the best model that fits this limited format. We are finally ready to reveal the next steps forward for Pandora, and the changes you can expect coming in version 0.9.

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Improving Pandora

When we announced Pandora a few months ago, we knew that it would be a center piece of Faeria’s experience and, as part as our testing, we introduced Phantom coins which allowed you “one free run a day”.

While initially intended to be a temporary system that pushed as many players into Pandora as possible, we've decided to keep them around, albeit with some changes. We've wanted Faeria to be a game where players can enjoy a free draft every single day, and we will preserve that. Phantom runs have given us the ability to gather a lot of data and feedback from our community as well as being warmly welcomed and popular. Thank you for this!

However, when looking at the broader picture, Pandora runs in their current state generally lack the appeal a draft should have. A draft should be thrilling and exciting due to the entry cost you put at risk and the rewards resulting from your performance. At the same time, it should be a fair way to grind and expand your collection.

After many considerations and internal testing, we are now ready to unveil what will be the next iteration of Pandora that will make its way in v0.9 on October 12th.

Pandora Runs

The goal of Pandora Runs is to allow our players to play on an even battlefield and expand their collection size, while trying to reap extraordinary rewards. A Pandora Run is now as following:

  • 200G / $1.49
  • The length of a Pandora Run is now 9 Wins / 3 Losses;
  • The ranking system has been removed from Pandora entirely. You will now accumulate Pandora Points instead (PP) that are awarded according to the amount of total wins in each of your runs. These do not affect matchmaking.
  • The rewards of a Pandora Run are now:
    • 0 Win: 1 PP + 1 Battle Chest + 80 Gold
    • 1 Win: 2 PP + 1 Battle Chest + 90 Gold
    • 2 Wins: 4 PP + 1 Battle Chest + 100 Gold
    • 3 Wins: 7 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 40 Gold
    • 4 Wins: 11 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 70 Gold
    • 5 Wins: 16 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 100 Gold
    • 6 Wins: 22 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 150 Gold
    • 7 Wins: 29 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 200 Gold
    • 8 Wins: 37 PP + 2 Battle Chests + 270 Gold
    • 9 Wins: 46 PP + 3 Battle Chests + 300 Gold
  • Each season (one month), you’ll receive seasonal rewards based on your Pandora points. Those will be disclosed once v0.9 hits the shelves
  • You’ll be able to track your Seasonal Ranking on

Phantom Runs

The goal of the Phantom Runs is to let our players experience Faeria’s Pandora mode each day, for free, with the main reward being a piece of a Pandora Run. A Phantom Run is now as following:

  • One free Phantom Run per day through a Phantom Coin;
  • Phantom Coins do not stack and cannot be purchased (in either Gold or real money);
  • The length of a Phantom Run is now 3 Wins / 2 Losses;
  • The rewards of a Phantom Run are now:
    • 0 Wins: /
    • 1 Win: 10G
    • 2 Wins: 20G
    • 3 Wins: 1/3 of a Pandora Coin

Based on the feedback that we received from you, we are also updating the matchmaking algorithm for Pandora to create a MMR-like score per run, based on your number of Wins and Losses.

We are very excited by v0.9 and we hope that you are too! Also make sure that you read more about it here!

  • The Faeria Team