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Patch notes and Thanks: July 29th, 2016

Written by Abrakam  |  07/27/2016

Aside from updates to Pandora, we have a few minor changes in today's patch, most notably the hand size UI issue and Seasonal ELO.. but also a massive thank you!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Invite Your Friends

As a thank you for being Early Access supporters of Faeria, and helping us during our development stage, we’ve decided to offer, as we did once before, all current players of the game the option to invite two of your friends to play Faeria for free! Simply boot up the game, and hit the Invite Your Friends button on the top left. Every player can send a game key directly to one friend for free. Choose wisely!

For the chance to send another code to a second friend, we are introducing the Invite Your Friends quest: record 5 Pandora Wins to gain another completely free Faeria key for a second friend!


We have made significant changes to Pandora, which you can read more on that here.

ELO and Ranked stars

  • Seasonal Elo now only changes for God players (a player who reaches God league for the first time will thus start at 1500 and have to climb his way up, but a player who was in God before a ladder reset can start with a different number that remains from the previous season)*
    *This change has been removed. A different, less impactful feature has been implemented that addresses the abuse issue this change was intended to correct.
  • In order to gain the bonus "Higher Ranked opponent" star, your opponent must now be at least 5 ranks above you, instead of only 1.

UI, Sound, and Image Optimisation

  • Removed Unity launcher
  • Ambient sounds tuned
  • Some textures optimised
  • Skulls representing Pandora losses are now centered, even in Phantom Runs.
  • Players' orbs should not get in the way when they want to target a land next to it.
  • Tooltips are now displayed on the two types of pandora coins (in the Pandora menu)
  • Translation fixes
  • Display notification and play a sound for friend requests and game invites
  • Fixed hand size on 4/3 screens.

The hand size change resolves the issue where the cards would overlap the skill wheel. Let us know your exact resolution and screen size if you still see this happening for you, please.


  • Players will no longer see the "You are already connected" error when trying to sign back in just after they disconnected or were kicked out
  • A player reconnecting during mulligan, if opponent re-rolls at least 1 card after the player reconnected, should no longer cause the reconnected player's client to crash.
  • A Mulligan is not lost anymore when reconnecting to a game before it ends
  • Gabrian Archon now gains her buff even when in play

Server/ Client Changes

  • Optimized communication between servers to be quicker and reduce lag

The Faeria Team