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Introducing Faeria Monthly Cups

Written by Abrakam  |  05/31/2016

We are immensely excited to announce the very beginning of our official tournament system!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

The Faeria Monthly Cup

The Faeria Monthly Cup is the first part of our recurring competitive event system which will tie into an overall Circuit.

The Monthly Cup will, as its name suggests, occur every month and consist of the following 32 qualified players:

  • 8 of the Highest Ranked Gods of the Season
  • 16 players from two open bracket qualifying tournaments that will occur monthly
  • 4 of the Highest Voted players from the community
  • 4 special invited guests

Players will be competing for $3000 dollars in cash prizes, every month.

Click below for more information on our brand new landing page:

Pantheon Format

Each qualifier and the cup itself will be using our brand new Pantheon format which will be supported with in-game features.

What is Pantheon Format?

Here is a breakdown of how the Pantheon format will work, posted on our forums: Pantheon Format

Read more about our full rules and tournament policies on either qualifier page or our newly updated Faeria Terms of Service, which now has an Esports section.

How do I vote for my favorite competitor?

Our voting system will open at the start of Season Two - which begins on Monday, June 6th.

It will be located here:

If a Top God or open bracket qualified player ends up being voted for by the community, their slot will be given to the next in line.

Alternate accounts, and the Voting system:

Please read our updated Terms of Service regarding the new voting system and our alternate account policy.

Season One Top God tournament

Don't forget, we will still be hosting a smaller, $300 tournament for the Top 8 Gods of Season One, which will be following the same format rules as the upcoming Monthly Cup, including Pantheon. The date of this event will soon be announced, but it will happen soon after Season One has ended.

We should also mention that we haven't completely discarded the idea of tossing in Pandora format for the Monthly Cup here and there. For now, we will be focusing completely on constructed.

For now, get ready for Season Two!

  • The Faeria Team