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The Digital Deluxe version of Roguebook is live NOW on Steam

Written by Abrakam  |  06/15/2021

Purchase and play 2 days before the official release!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Roguebook is now officially in pre-release mode.

Anyone with the Deluxe version can play right now.

What does the Deluxe version include?

  • 48h Early Unlock
  • Hero Skin Pack
    • A unique selectable skin for each hero
  • Apex Predator Pack
    • A new possible encounter in the Overworld
    • 5 New Gems
    • 5 New Treasures
  • Alternate Card Art Pack
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Artbook

How do I access the cosmetics?

If you own the Deluxe version, you'll see a new button on the main menu: "Extras"

Hero Skins

Click to select your preferred skin.

Card Backs

Click to choose the card back you'd like in battle. Each are themed around a boss fight inside of the game. Can you guess which ones?

Alternate Card Art

Clicking this button will activate alternate card art for the following cards:


Gems and Treasures

Click to expand

Note: Eye of the Apex is only available from the Apex Predator battle.


Click to expand


How do I access the Digital Artbook?

This guide should help:

Can I upgrade my pre-order to Deluxe?

Unfortunately no, due to the way the Steam store works. After release, Deluxe will appear as an upgrade you can purchase.

What are the changes from Demo to full release:

There are far too many changes to put in a list, but here are most of the biggest ones:

  • The game now has a tutorial
  • 4 heroes and 6 hero combinations playable
  • Battles are now revealed on the map to make exploration more consistent
  • 15 Epilogues of varying difficulty to play after defeating the game
  • Perk tree has been reworked for a better progression experience
  • Card pools have significant changes and is larger than before
  • Allies have been reworked to be more intuitive
  • New mechanic, stackable cards
  • New mechanic, location based status's
  • Pigments that change how your brushes work
  • Vastly increased number of narratives
  • Chapter 3 has legendary gems and treasures to compliment your deck
  • Improved sounds
  • Improved art and animations
  • Various ui and ux improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Steam achievement integration
  • Localisation: The game can be played in 12 different languages.

We will add more to this list as necessary.

Enjoy! Remember, the game's official release is June 17th - you don't need to go Deluxe to play Roguebook.

See you then!