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Faeria Friday: Top of the Pile

Written by Gary Morris  |  03/12/2021

Ladder climbing, and Roguebook in the MIX.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

To the Moon

There's a new champ in town. Watch the moment SaturnFive blasts off to the top ladder spot securing it for... at least some time!

Well done! Remember, the ladder resets on the first Monday of each month. April's ladder reset will count toward the season of Aurora.

Roguebook in the MIX

This weekend, we are proud to say that Roguebook will be featured in the MEDIA INDIE EXCHANGE (MIX).

Aurora Open #3

Register for tomorrow's Aurora Open below:

Remember - to compete in tournaments you MUST REGISTER ON BATTLEFY. Registering decks in game does not accomplish this. Good luck.