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Faeria Friday: Outage Resolution

Written by Gary Morris  |  02/26/2021

We fixed some server problems. Also, concept art.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Last Weekend's Outage

Last weekend we had an issue where a lot of players were running into 'checking content' issues when trying to log in. These issues have since been resolved, but we'd again like to apologize for the server issues.

We do our best to keep Faeria servers operating 24/7. We implemented something new after this incident which should help prevent it from happening next time.

Lost and Found

I was digging through some Faeria game files earlier this week (for reasons), and I found this old piece of concept art.

Not sure it's ever been seen before. Maybe? Anyway: Here ya go.

Aurora Open #2

Registration is OPEN for this weekend's tournament.

  • Aurora Open #2

    • Saturday, February 27th @ 18:00 Belgium time

    Remember, you must register on Battlefy to participate. Registration in game is not enough.

    Have a good weekend!