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Pandora opens!

Written by Abrakam  |  05/20/2016

After 100,000 glorious Highlander battles, the long-awaited Pandora has opened. Let it begin.

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What is Pandora?

As we discussed in detail in our last Faeria Friday post, Pandora is meant to be a completely different experience from normal constructed play. Casual, exciting, and unpredictable are three words you could use to describe the intended experience.

Sit down, draft a deck, have fun. That's what you should expect from Pandora.

How does it work?

When you click on Pandora in the main menu, you will be presented with a gate that must be unlocked with a Pandora Coin. Those coins look something like this:

  • Once you unlock the gate, you will notice one of the four main colors will be locked out of your control.
  • You will be presented with a selection of five randomly selected cards, grouped by card rarity.
  • You will proceed to select cards this way until you have completed a deck of 30 cards.
  • Your goal is to construct the best deck possible using the limited resources you have.
  • Once you have done that, you are ready to play Pandora.

Queuing for Pandora works much like any other mode. Pandora has a Ranking system very similar to the normal Ranked mode. You will continue to play with your Pandora deck until you accumulate three losses, or twelve wins.

Once a Pandora match is found, however, there are some important things you should know.

The Artifacts of Pandora

Shuffled into each player's decks are various treasured artifacts. When these artifacts are drawn, they may have various effects on the battlefield or the player's hand, or do nothing at all. When an artifact is drawn, the player then draws another card.

What can the artifacts do? All kinds of things. For instance:

Mmmm, noodles.

However, no matter what artifacts are drawn, when 5 total are assembled, Pandora opens.

Think out of the Box

When Pandora is opened:

  • Faeria Wells will no longer generate Faeria
  • Players will now receive +6 Faeria per turn, instead of the normal 3.
  • Artifacts are removed from both player's decks

How to get a Pandora coin

Other than those you might already have accumulated through Early Access bundles or special events, a coin that lets you access Pandora will normally cost 200 gold.

However, in addition to that option, completing any Daily Quest will reward you one Pandora coin.

Yes, that means every day you can earn one Pandora coin for free.

Why so generous?

This is only a temporary model for accessing Pandora, in the interest of heavy playing and testing of the new game mode. It should be very easy and accessible for players to participate in at this time.

The reward system we have also implemented is temporary. It does, however, reward you based on your performance. You will receive a fixed amount of gold per win. The more wins you get, the more gold you receive.

Please note we have much more special rewards planned for Pandora. This is a temporary reward system. We expect to implement the first, small form of this special reward system tomorrow*, but will continue to expand upon it as time goes on.

*Note: Our apologies for the miscommunication, but the first implementation of the improved reward system will be implemented this Friday.

The box has opened

Enter Pandora.

-The Faeria Team

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