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Faeria Friday: Enter the Roguebook

Written by Gary Morris  |  02/05/2021

The Roguebook Pre-order Demo and special Free version are now released. ALSO MONO MADNESS!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Mono Madness

Don't miss this weekend's MONO MADNESS tournament.

While not an official tournament, it will count for reduced FWC points.

Roguebook Demo is Live

Obviously we've been super busy this week with the Steam Game Festival and the Roguebook Demo.

Reception to the game has been great (except perhaps for Mr. Doomed Coin), and we've had some really positive reviews come out. It's pretty encouraging and we look forward to full release in June.

Watch some of our special stream events we've had this week:

Custom Switch Giveaway

You can win this thing if you click a bunch of follow buttons and get really lucky.

Special thanks to Nacon for putting together this awesome giveaway.

Okay that's it

I'm tired bye.