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Faeria Friday: Roguebook Demo Launch

Written by Gary Morris  |  01/29/2021

Next week we launch a FREE demo of Roguebook, and live stream with Richard Garfield. Also, lots of tournament results and guides.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

February 3rd - Roguebook Demo launches

New logo, same game, free demo.

We try to keep things Faeria-centric around here, but it's difficult not to mention that next week we are launching a special FREE DEMO version of our latest deck-building game, Roguebook.

This will be part of the Steam game Festival, and we're pretty excited about it. Watch for it on February 3rd.

Developer stream with Richard Garfield

Oh, ya. We're also going to have a livestream with Richard Garfield about the design of the game and deck-builders in general. Ever hear of him? I think he's some kind of magician or something? Anyway, he seemed to know what he was doing when he helped us design Roguebook.

Join us here next week:

Aurora Open Results

Congratulations to the winners of Aurora Open #1, 2021!

  • 1st. Moonfassa - Canada
  • 2nd. Amoeba - Denmark
  • 3rd. Elpaniko23 - He put Vatican City as a meme but pretty sure Australia.
  • 4th. asdg2323 - Canada
  • Watch the full broadcast here

Remember, the next ranked season reset takes place THIS Monday, February 1st. Always the first Monday of every month.

Aurora Open Analysis

Check out Moonfassa's analysis of the tournament in the video above.

New User Guide

Glennster has put together a fairly comprehensive guide for new players to Faeria. It's a handy reference tool you can hand anyone who has some questions about getting started with the game.

Feud: The Seer's Prophecy

"Travel back to the age of Vikings, and take up arms as leaders of rival villages in Feud: The Seer’s Prophecy, a strategic engine-building game for two players."

We're not the only ones working on a new game. Faeria community member J0k3se has finished the trailer for his upcoming boardgame, "Feud." Click the image above to sign up for when it comes out.

Guide: Orosei Optimization *Update

Kaerukero's pile of research and analysis regarding properly using Orosei!

This guide should hopefully answer just about any question you could have regarding the guardian of Pandora.

Decks of the week

Aurora Open Decks

Community Decks