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Faeria Friday: Seasonal Results

Written by Gary Morris  |  01/22/2021

Seasonal Cup winners, cool video content, and decklists. Must be a Faeria Friday.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Seasonal Cup Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Seifer Seasonal Cup!

Special thanks to Noaphiel for casting this major tournament in its entirety.

bamserr - Down to the wire

Bamserr is a tournament competitor who is known for... taking full advantage of the turn clock. In what may be the closest ending to a series ever, watch him as he misses winning the entire tournament by less than 1 second.

Moonfassa's Best of Seifer 2020

Moonfassa put together a compilation of his best moments from the season of Seifer, which has just ended. It's worth a watch.

Aurora Open begins tomorrow

Want to earn your way into the nextSeasonal Cup? Your first chance is tomorrow.

Mono Madness Tournament

But... Mr. Faeria... I don't like having more than one color in my tournament decks. I get intimidated when I see Blue and Green next to each other... isn't there a tournament for me?

on February 6th, your prayers will be answered.

Introducing SuperbLizard's MONO MADNESS tournament.

Bring one deck of each colour and test your wit in yet another edition of the community classic. Can you master the 4 elements, or will you perish in monochrome mediocrity? Register here

Decks of the week

Seasonal Cup Decks

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