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Faeria Friday: Console Launch FAQ

Written by Gary Morris  |  08/14/2020

Happy console launch! Let's answer a few questions.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

We've received some questions since our console launch yesterday, and thought it would be good to answer some of them here.

We may update this page in the future if more questions arise.

Console FAQ

Why do I need an internet connection to play Faeria, even single-player?

Faeria requires an internet connection on any platform, and has always been this way.

This is the case even for single player. Especially for single player.

Every action performed by the AI is calculated on our servers, then sent back to you. The AI in Faeria is fairly complicated and takes a lot of system resources to compute. We take that system load on our servers and spare the client. All you have to do is tell us "I move here." We calculate, and send a message back: "We move here."

Without this, system requirements would be much higher for Faeria, and some platforms might not even be able to handle it.

I don't seem to have Premium activated on Switch?

As mentioned in the store, you should receive Premium for the next 30 days when purchasing Faeria on the Nintendo Switch.

The easiest way to tell if you have premium or not is to look at your main menu and see if you have a golden Faeria logo, like so:

If you see that, you have Premium Edition activated. You will have to complete the tutorial before you see this.

If you don't see that, try restarting the game completely and see if it pops up for you.

If you still don't see it, we can fix it for you. Send an email to with the ID in your friends list and let us know what's up.

Can I use my PC account on console, and vice versa?

No, all platforms have unique Faeria accounts that cannot be linked to one another.

Is there any localisation on the console versions?

While we have localisation prepared for them, unfortunately it won't be available on launch. This is something we're looking at add as soon as we can.

Nintendo life Review

Nintendo Life has posted a review of Faeria on the Nintendo Switch, check it out above.

They also have an article written about it here: Nintendo Life Faeria Review

Overall, we're finding people really enjoy the console version of Faeria.

Launch stream

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