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The Epic Free Week has begun!

Written by Abrakam  |  02/20/2020

Faeria is now available on the Epic Games Store.... and it's free for one week!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Starting today, Faeria is now available on the Epic Games Store!

Not only that, it's FREE FOR A WHOLE WEEK.

Get it while you can, and tell your friends!

Epic Launch

We're happy to make Faeria available on yet another platform. During the free week on Epic, all DLC's will be on sale at discounted prices, including a special "Epic Launch DLC Bundle".

$10,000 Tournament

In celebration of our new platform launches this year, we will be hosting a special $10,000 tournament this spring*!

*Specific dates of this tournament are not yet finalized and may shift as necessary.

Streaming on the main menu

We've recently added a feature to the main menu where one of the buttons will link directly to all Faeria Twitch streams.

This is a great time for veteran players to be streaming and teach people about the game.

Our Discord

Remember, we're expecting to welcome a bunch of new players this week. If you see someone needing help or guidance, one of the best places to direct them to is our official Discord channel where many helpful people hang out.

Happy Epic launch week!