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Faeria Friday: Looking pretty

Written by Gary Morris  |  05/10/2019

Expect some new ways to acquire cosmetics soon. Also, a nice picture of a frog man.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

New cosmetic DLC bundles are on their way

At this point in Faeria's life, we have introduced a large amount of cosmetics to the in-game store. We've been tossing around the idea to offer these items as one-big purchase for some time now, and may likely be moving ahead with this plan.

At this time, we plan on bundling together cosmetics that already exist within the game and offering them on Steam via optional DLC purchases.

With the help of Versus Evil, this takes very little of our development resources - especially considering these items already exist in game.

If you already have all of the cosmetics you want or if you just want to earn the items through normal gameplay, you won't need to worry about these DLC bundles. They're going to be there for anyone who wants them, though!

Of special note, none of these bundles will contain any exclusive cosmetics such as those won through tournaments, ladder seasons, egg hatching, or otherwise. It will be as if you went to the in-game store and clicked a button that said, "Buy all of the things."

These packages are likely to make it to Steam this month. We'll keep you updated on this.

Fugoro, the Prints

The winners of our last Seasonal Cup are getting high quality cotton prints of a certain Triton we all know and love(?).

We'll be shipping these out soon, but wanted to give you a peek.

May Tournaments

The next Ruunin Open takes place tomorrow!

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