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The Egg

Written by Abrakam  |  04/20/2016

A dream came to me last night. I stood on a silver island in a glass ocean. Upon the shore was a nest and inside it, the Egg.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick


“Take it.”

I turned and saw an old turtle. She was seated upon a rock, sipping from a teacup. My heart clattered against my ribs. I knew her. All who chase the stories of the world find her at the heart of them eventually.

“Are you deaf child?” She smiled. “It is quite rude to keep an old woman waiting.”

I felt my hand drawn down. My fingers closed around the glowing shell.

“There’s a good child.” The old turtle smiled. “Keep it safe until it hatches.”

She turned to leave, but my voice stopped her.

“When will that be?”

She turned, considering me for an eternity. “Our world is a silent one.” She said at last. “Imperfect. Unexplored. When the gates open, so too will the Egg.”

She finished her tea. The dream dissolved.

I awoke with the Egg in my hands.

What is the Egg?

The Egg will be part of a special event we will have this weekend for those who tune in to watch the GO Faeria Clash Finals starting:

  • Saturday, April 23rd at: 8:00pm CEST (11:00am PDT)
  • Sunday, April 24th at: 5:30pm CEST (08:30 am PDT)

We will be keeping track of those who watch a set of approved streaming channels on Twitch. Every minute you are present watching one of these channels will count toward your cumulative “Egg Timer”.

Every 30 minutes the finals are online, we will randomly roll for special rewards and an email will be automatically sent to the winners. Depending on how long you have been watching, the more special your award can be.

How do I become worthy of the Egg and its secrets?

Firstly, you will need to link Twitch to your Steam Account. Follow the previous link for further instructions. It’s very easy and takes only a moment. Once your accounts are linked, you are now ready to watch and increase your Egg Timer.

Every single minute you are watching one of the approved, oviparous streams, your Egg Timer will increase. The higher your Egg Timer, the more chances to win more valuable prizes. Every 30 minutes, prizes are distributed to active viewers based on the value of Egg Timers. Prizes will be sent to the email address linked to your Faeria account.

Approved Egg Streams

Watch these channels during the finals to increase your Egg Timer.

Keep an eye out here for more streams that may begin laying eggs.

Egg Timers

  • 1 minute to 59 minutes: You have a chance to win 100 Gold
  • 1 hour to 2 hours: You have a chance to win 250 Gold.
    You will also have a chance to win the previous rewards.
  • 2 hours to 3 hours: You have a chance to win 1000 Gold.
    You will also have a chance to win the previous rewards.
  • 3 hours to 4 hours: You are now eligible to win the precious Egg Avatar.
    You will also have a chance to win the previous rewards.
  • 4 hours or more: At this point, you are worthy to receive sacred protection for your Egg. Watch more than 4 hours, and you have a chance to win the Dragon Orb, pictured below.
    You will also have a chance to win the previous rewards.

Protect the Egg at all costs

The Dragon protects the Egg. The Dragon will keep the Egg safe. So fragile. So precious.

Can I win more than once?

Yes, you may win more than one prize. It is up to the will of the Egg.

When will the Egg hatch?

When does the breeze choose to blow?
When does the flower choose to bloom?

Will I be able to get the Egg or Dragon any other way?

After this tournament is over, we will be adding the Dragon Orb to the in-game shop. As for the Egg, we will be adding our very first “Epic Quest.” The Epic Quest will involve the upcoming Pandora mode, and completing it will give you the chance to claim a precious Egg of your own.

Keep it warm. Keep it safe.

  • The Faeria Team