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Faeria Friday April 15th, 2016 - Acknowledging our Artists

Written by Gary Morris  |  04/15/2016

With the big tournament drawing a lot of excitement this weekend, we'd like to take a moment to turn an eye toward our talented artists and show you what they've been up to.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

GO Faeria Clash Qualifiers

Of course, the biggest news of the week is that the GO Clash Qualifiers begin this weekend. The first day's qualifiers already have a full 256 players registered, with around a 30 player waiting list. Make sure you register for the second one before all spots are filled!

The patch coming today will include the features necessary to participate in the tournament, along with a few other goodies. Stay tuned for another update here.

If you're unable to register or don't plan on participating, keep an eye out for some of the Community streams that will be running this weekend.

Art round-up

Today's patch will include the final art for Mirror Phantasm and Ancient Boar in-game. The process behind finalizing these pieces takes a lot of thought and effort from our artists, and we'd like to share some of this with you, as well as introduce you to another brand new external artist, Sarah.

Sarah is from Alaska and has done a lot of freelance work for such companies as Fantasy Flight Games. You can find her portfolio here. We're very excited to have her on board. Here's a look at some of the concept work she did with our Ancient Boar:


Ancient Boar concept


Ancient Boar final

Meanwhile, you may remember us introducing Jordi and Franck, who worked on the concepts for our three of our Star Legends (Aurora, Seifer, and Khalim). Well, they're still around - and their brushes have been mighty busy. I'm just going to throw a bunch of their concept pieces at your face and let you sort it out.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┴ɹ∀ ┴ԀƎƆNOƆ


Can you guess which concept is for which card?

Top 30 Ranked

And of course, it wouldn't be a Friday without the release of the Top 30 list!

Top 30 Ranked

Have a good weekend, and see you in the qualifiers!

As a final treat for reading this far down, here's a bit of thoughtful prose for you, brought to you by the new Mirror Phantasm. Mirror Phantasm was created by another one of our great artists, Mike Ackerman.