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Faeria Friday 03/18/2016 - Building, Crafting, and Connecting

Written by Gareth Kenna  |  03/18/2016

As Atmaz is rubbing shoulders (and just shoulders) with the elite at GDC this week, the Devs have let me out of the support cellar to write this week’s Faeria Friday. Who knew that a Yak’s hair would be so soft!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Streams and Crafting and Bots, Oh My!

It’s been a crazy week for streaming, testing after Friday’s patch, new community hubs, and Faeria being presented at GDC. So read on for more details.



Gary, Dan, and Emilien represented Faeria at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC). An exhibit can be seen by up to 26,000 attendees and there are approximately 700 media reps too. It’s very much a meeting of like minds, with the conferences and speakers worth attending alone, and I’m sure the guys will have lots to say when they get back.

Craft works

This week’s patch is a reaction to what you, the players, have been saying in Discord, Reddit, and Steam. The primary issue was with how many disenchants it took to craft a Legendary card. A game like Faeria has a complex environment, so when considering whether our crafting system is fairer than another CCG, a player needs to take into account booster costs, gold and rarity drop rate, and other systems (like leveling and dailies) which award cards.

However, it’s people’s perception that often drives them away and so we’ve made crafting fairer, you can view that in our latest patch notes.

Most importantly, these changes have been made because you asked for them. So keep letting us know what you think and make sure to leave a review on Steam too.

A Stream of Followers

Whilst it’s great that Kolento, Trump, and Kripp continue to stream Faeria, it’s the community streams that you guys and girls are creating which is creating the most excitement. If you enjoy streams then make sure you follow the Faeria Twitch page or PlayFaeria's Streaming page

Moderators and Architects

We know that it’s the community that matters most when creating a CCG, and we’ve responded to criticisms by making sure our Moderators are posting patch notes, announcements, and supporting players on Discord, Steam Discussions, and Reddit. If you haven’t checked any of these other sites out, then give them a try.

Today, we’ve gained two Community Architects, Orangee and Tidwell, who are renowned for their amazing work in creating community content. The Architects have volunteered to create player aids, so you can all have the best playing experience possible.

Tidwell has created a deckbuilding site


and Orangee has created a chat bot of Faeria Discord.


Both are happy to answer any questions you may have about creating your own community resource, and are discussing other resources

PlayFaeria forums

The community site now have their own forum, as well as awesome guides,


Ranked Ladder snapshot

If you want to see who had reached the glorious heights of God League in Ranked, then bask in their glory now.


These aren’t the only things of note that happened this week, but you’ll have to visit the various community hubs to get involved in those discussions. For now, I’m going to see what delights have been left in the Abrakam office for me to eat.. Wait!.. I’m sorry.. Don’t put me back in the support cellar.. Nooooo.

Hi, this is Support.. How can I help you?