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November Monthly Cup Results

Written by Gary Morris  |  12/14/2016

The sixth Monthly Cup is over! Here's a brief recap of the events this past weekend and information about the next cup.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Monthly Cup #6 Results

Modgnik becomes the first player to win two Monthly Cups in a row!

Community analysis:

Bounties claimed:

Previous Monthly Cup winners have a $150 bounty put on their heads. Anyone able to defeat them in a match claims the prize.

This month, the following bounties were claimed:

  • Modgnik's Bounty - Modgnik himself!
  • HeavyCC's Bounty - Saturas

That's right, this last Monthly Cup marks the first time a player has claimed their own bounty by remaining undefeated throughout the entire tournament.

Krog has placed new bounties on Modgnik and Kingdanzz!

They'll be automatically invited to the next Monthly Cup, taking place Saturday, January 7th.

Here's a look at the full brackets and how they played out. If you missed the tournament entirely and want to see the matches, check out the following videos:

Next Monthly Cup has been prepared for the next cup, and you can now Vote for your favorite player here!

Note that during this holiday season, the qualifier schedule will be somewhat abnormal. Sign up for the next cup's qualifiers here:

This means that voting will now close Saturday, December 31st, so as not to interfere with the qualifier.

The Monthly Cup itself will take place after the next season reset on the first Monday of next month, placing it on Saturday, January 7th.