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Crafting/Reroll guide for Legendaries

Posted by Salugi on 12/03/2017

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Rough guide to help you decide whether to reroll your card or whether to keep it.

Crafting Guide for Legendaries

5 = High priority craft

4 = Strong card

3 = Average

2 = Weak card

1 = Meme

My Suggestion

Definitely keep everything that is a 4 or a 5. Definitely reroll everything that is a 1 or a 2. Read the notes on a 3 and decide whether or not it is worth keeping or if you would rather take a risk to get something better.


Name Rating Notes
Magda 2 Used in some three wishes deck. Very fun to play.
Baron Thulgar 1 Used in some bargain decks
Sharra 1 Sees some play when green is strong but generally not used
Magnus 3 Used in Blue 7s and bargain decks. Weak to removal
Day of the Dragons 2 Used in some 3 wishes decks
Radiance 4 Used in all self-harm decks and plenty of regular control decks
Eredon 3 Used in some sacrifice decks. Can be used in mono green.
Ruunin 1 One of the worst cards in the game
Tethra 5 Used in most slower decks containing green
Tarum 2 Bad but fun card
Aurora 5 One of the strongest cards in the game
Baeru 4
Orosei 3 Used in greedy blue decks. Strong but inconsistent.
Dream 3 Used in greedy blue decks.
Seifer 5
Ignus 2 Used in some red bargain decks. Probably not worth it in general.
Garudan 5 One of the best cards in the game
Krog 1 One of the worst cards in the game
Iona 2 Ignored by all
Doomgate 3 Strong in specific decks built around it. In general there are better legendaries.
Khalim 5 One of the best cards in the game
Azarai 1