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How to play RY Doomsday Husk

Posted by phi123456789 on 21/11/2022

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A deck: by the mad, for the mad, that will often make your opponent.. mad.

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  • 1 Hold the Line! 3
  • 3 2 Flame Burst 3
  • 3 2 Deathwish Ghoul 3
  • 7 3 3 Scourgeflame Specter 2
  • 9 2 Doomsday 3
  • 0 1 1 Sky Anemone 3
  • 1 2 Haunted Husk 3
  • 3 Storyteller 2
  • 2 1 Devouring Plant 2
  • 3 2 Shaytan Assassin 2
  • 20 Radiance, Imperial Air... 1
  • 1 Balloon Fish 2
  • 4 Laya, Lady of Sorrows 1

RY Doomsday Husk

--The deck for anime villains. Has beaten SuperbLizard on precisely one single occasion.

The Cards:

Exhibit A: Haunted Husk

Haunted husk is one of the core cards of the deck, and is your main early game threat. It does everything you want it to:

  1. It draws you cards,
  2. It gains you life,
  3. It slowly kills your opponent,

But most importantly:

It Makes You Opponent Play Their Pathetic Cards!!!!!!!!

And why do we care about this so much?

Exhibit B: Doomsday

Doomsday is the Charybdis to Husk's Scylla. In response to their aggression; their futile attempts to break through your defences; you show them that it was ALL PART OF THE PLAN. That it is they in fact who has walked directly into your trap; As you destroy everything they have on board! But, to add insult to injury use Balloon fish to sneak creatures through doomsday!!!

Exhibit C: The Stall

  • Hold The Line!
  • Sky Anemone
  • Devouring Plant
  • Shaytan Assassin
  • Laya

These prevent your opponents from attacking you and your husks, letting you hold the board hostage as you gain immense husk value. Shaytan assassin is particularaly useful for baiting commands which lets your husks stick. Sky anemone is also useful for denying collections and generally throwing a wrench into your opponent's plans. Plant is a preemptive area control tool.

Exhibit D: Doomsday Shenanigans

Deathwish ghoul lets you save faeria through a doomsday: partially bypassing the 'set your faeria to 0' downside, while also being a collector that can be cheaply sacked for the assassin. The Imperial Guards let you pay less than half your life while playing doomsday meaning you are far less vulnerable after playing it then you normally would be. Balloon fish lets you protect one of your creatures from the clear: either acting as a body guard in the case they still have threats in hand after your doomsday; to ensure double or even quadruple collection after the clear letting you quickly rebuild your resources following a doomsday; or to just put a clock on your opponent and forcing them to have an answer else they lose on the spot. In closer matches you may have to play doomsday multiple times. But given that your hand consitantly gets very large: Radiance lets you turn this weakness into a strength leting you drop a massive 10/10 while also restoring a large amount of health.

Exhibit E: The Draw

While this deck only contains two draw cards managing your hand is a critical skill when piloting this deck. When you have two husks on the board and your opponent is being passive you will often have to start playing cards just to prevent yourself from milling key cards as a milled doomsday can often be game losing.

Exhibit F: The Burn

This deck generally wins by using Scourgeflame and Flame burst to finish off an opponent who has already been chipped away at by husk. You generally want to try to get a mountain or desert on B4, D3, or F4; so that you can play a scourgeflame hit face, balloon fish the scourgeflame dash it up to face and then play doomsday. This will generally put your opponent on a two turn clock (as they have most likely taken at least 5 damage from your husk at that point in the game).


Now go forth my followers and kill 6 creatures with a single card. Also feel free to modify the deck as you see fit to tailor it for the precise villainy you wish to achieve.

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