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100 Possible Balance Changes

Posted by Gisfug on 19/10/2018

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I think if all of these changes were implemented it may upset the majority of the playerbase. Nonetheless, I felt inspired to go through the collection and write down what changes I would make. Its really long, but skim through and see what you think. I myself found some of these ideas from others.


Faeria Land Attack/Health

Steam Forge 1 WWW -/1 Activate - Give a creature +1/+0. Production - This gains 1 life. Note that if you use it the turn it is playe you lose the structure.

Defender of the Homeland 2 WW 1/3 Same text. Free Seifers Wrath targets do little to help.

Unlikey hero 2 W 1/3 The first time this fights and survives, it gains +2/+2 and Charge 2. I have been playing neutral rush lately, and when it triggers you just win, but its interesting and does not need a nerf.

Cutthroat bandit 3 w 4/2 I believe wild lands did not exist when neutral was first balanced

Hilltop Archer 4 none 3/3 Ranged 2 Meaning it can target up to 2 spaces away.

Laya, Lady of Sorrows 5 WWW 3/4 Same text. Being a Legendary is not an excuse for being more powerful.

Freedom Fighter 5 none 3/4 Still bad at everything, but could be picked in pandora.

Kings Faithful 7 WWW 4/2 Haste, Protection He is already a strong card that sees no play because of Emperors Command and now Humbling Vision. So 1 health is too hard to balance. 6 faeria 4/2 is okay, but I reworked it to help some colors play more reactively, and help fill in for firestorm in bargain.

Royal Judge 5 none 1/2 Same Text. WeeHoo

Syland Warrior 5 W 3/7 Worse than Deepwood Grizzly so no worries right? RIGHT? Maybe it should be 2 lands.

Baron Thulgar 6 none 5/5 Last Words - Each player draws a card. They cost 7 faeria less. You may notice a theme of reducing draw rng.

Queens Guard 6 W 3/6 Same Text. Wins games on its own. 1 turn is all it takes to have an answer.

Steamforge Enforcer 6 none 7/5 Can try to yolo, but it will still just trade 6 faeria for 5.

Sharra, Dragonslayer 7 none 7/4 Sharra ignores all damage equal to 5 or more. Sharra is incredibly frustrating if you do not have 3 damage. So I made her more of a big hate card, actually able to take down a colossus.

Magnus, King of Meroval 10 none 4/8 Charge 2, Combat - Draw a card. It costs 7 faeria less. He is incredibly powerful in the right deck, and with frogify nerfed, he is less likely to be countered. Reducing his movement allows more playing around him, and drawing Windfall should not be how games are decided.

Radiance, Scourge of Oversky 10 wwww 10/10 Flying, Gift - Enemy creatures cannot attack next turn. This thing is evil. Helps with blocking it.

Day of the Dragons 12 none n/a 3 faeria less --> 4 faeria less This is ALOT of faeria to pay upfront and 4 faeria in the end does little to remidy it. Note that this does not affect bargain.

Radiance, Imperial Airship 20 none 10/10 Dash 3 --> Dash 2 I like how Dream Reaver works, as your opponent makes lands towards you so you can know to prepare for it, but this thing just comes out of nowhere.


Wild Growth 2 F n/a Create a forest and draw a card. Replaces Earthcraft without ramp being everywhere.

Earthcraft --> Spiderling 1 FFW 1/1 Gift - You may fight an enemy creature. Earthcraft was nerfed so when late game creatures come out is more steady, but the new version makes no sense. It should just be removed and replaced instead. I suggest this because green is lacking pings, but it could be anything.

Feed the Forest 2 FFF n/a Same text. Faeria from hand is uninteractive. This makes it more of a combo card for recycling creatures, and less for faeria gain.

Faeria Tree 2 FFW -/2 Production - This structure gains +0/+1. Activate - Destroy this and gain faeria equal to its life. One card making 8 faeria is absurd, so it is so slow it is useless against rush or if drawn late. Halving the faeria per turn and letting you get it early makes it more playable, and a good starting hand will not decide the game.

Seedling 2 FF 0/2 Green is a proactive color that does poorly when behind, this is a minor buff to help replace Bone Collector so midrange decks can get on the board.

Haunted willow 3 FF 7/1 Taunt This is a sleeper because green is so weak now. As a glass cannon, it rarely trades down, and has 4 faeria in stats. We do not need this nerf right now, and 3 faeria may make it unplayable, but it is supposed to be the reverse of a good 3 drop.

Elderwood Embrace 3 FFW n/a Same text. As perhaps greens strongest card, this comes out too early. Another nerf we do not need right now.

Possessed Ursus 5 FF 2/7 Divine After this creature is dealt damage, double its Attack. Just a thought.

Nekomata 4 FFWW 3/5 Same text. Khalims Training triple buff movement? unlikely.

Rotting boar 5 FWW 5/4 Dash 1 --> Dash 2 It has not cause any problems, so buffing it to match Ancient Boar seems appropriate.

Seed Sower 6 F 4/6 Gift - Create and adjacent forest. Making a card randomly screw up is an irritating strength check, and its still a worse elemental.

Soulbound Sagami 6 FF 5/3 Same text. Maybe in life it was angry, and in death learned temperance.

The Tree of Everlife 7 FFFWWWWWW -/7 Same text. It seems like this was balanced around Earthcraft, and its unplayable without it. Removing 1 wild should let it be played in casual before the opponent concedes.

Tarum, the Forest World 12 FFFFFWW 8/12 Same text. So it can be played without feed. 7 lands so if you go first, the opponent has a fair chance to reach their dual color creatures.

Primevil Colossus 15 FF 7/14 Same text. I heard 2 lands = 1 faeria, but looking through the collection, it seems more like 3 lands.


Forbidden Library 0 LLLLL -/2 2 damage --> 3 damage Its forbidden right? Being on a clock is exciting, and defending should be a possible counter.

Triton Chef 2 LL 2/2 Same text To go with the change to Triton Banquet.

Triton Banquet 2 LL n/a Same text. This can cause so many problems that its costed too high, and I want to know when my opponent can do a movement.

Gemsilf Faerie 2 LL 1/1 Charge 2 --> Jump I consider blue and yellow to have similar event support, but Gemsilk is worse than Sunsilk at Charge 3. 4/2 may be better than 3/3 with mobility, especially considering they often survived the opponents last turn.

Luduan 3 LLL 2/3 Same text. Hoping this is a buff, snowball cards should not come out too early.

Triton Diver 3 LL 3/2 Aquatic Lowers opening hand rng while letting it do more later.

Humbling Vision 3 LLL n/a Halve a creatures base Attack and Life (rounded down). I prefer this to my awesomo being turned into a frog, and its just what blue needed to be competitive again. However, it comes out too early for such a strong tempo card. I also think hard removal should be three lands, so you know when to play around it.

Leaping Fugu 3 LL 2/3 If you control 8 or more special lands, this gains +3/+3. Explorer treatment.

Sapphire Yak 4 L 3/4 Whenever a friendly yak harvests faeria from an enemy well, give it +1/+1. This triggers to easy and too early for how hard it snowballs.

Gabrian Cistern 2 LLW -/3 Production - Gain 2 faeria. Deal 1 damage to this. 5 faeria is too much for one card to make. This changes it from -4,-1,+2,+5 to -2,0,+2,+4, which is still alot and it should be more playable with less downside, so it needed to start later.

Aurora, Myth Maker 5 LLL 2/2 Same text. Ruunin-5, Seifer-5, Khalim-5, Aurora-OP.

Auroras Creation Legendary Cards do not all exist in vacuums where they can be replicated without increasing their power. Some make up for weak decks, like Mother of All Yaks or Magnus. Swarming Carassius is balanced around only summoning 3. 1 Creation allows some cool synergies to happen without breaking the game.

Gabrian Noble 6 LLW 4/5 Same text. Still unlikely to see competitive play, but will be better in pandora.

Illusion of Grandeur 7 LL 1/1 Same text. The picture shows the grandeur is the illusion, not the creature itself. Now if you Voice of Truth it, you can see the little guy.

Wavecrash Collosus 8 LL 7/7 Gift - Move this creatures land. Costs 1 less for each time you have harvested from an enemy well (minimum cost 5). 4 cost 7/7s should not exist.

Orosei, Dream of the Deep 10 LL 6/6 Flying, Charge 2, Gift - Transform a creature into Orosei. All the dragons should see play, but Orosei is too win more.

Stormspawn 8 LL 3/3 Last Words - Gain 8 faeria. Stormspawn would be an interesting card if it were playable without Failed Experiment.

Auroras Dream 23 LLLLL n/a Same text. Nothing bad will happen-I think.


Devouring Plant 2 MWW -/4 Production - Deal 2 damage to all enemy creatures within 2 spaces. Either dies to a big thing or is Seifers Wrath to a little thing, what for? 2 damage unless you have movement, and they can work together.

Rakoan Reveller 2 M 1/1 Same text. Upside was really big for no downside.

Flamesilk Faerie 2 MM 1/1 Ranged --> Ranged 4 The deck is not popular, but this is a bad way to lose a game.

Underground Brigand 3 MM 2/4 Combat - Gain 1 faeria. This is one of the strongest cards in the game. Its worst trade besides Tricking it, is Flameburst, which is even. Value traded it still does 2 damage for 1 faeria, and red has the tools to take advantage of that.

Bloodstone Sprite 4 MW 5/3 1 damage --> 2 damage. 1 damage seems so irrelevant this is just a red maceman. If it was played in red rush over maceman, that would be fine, but it is not.

Fire Elemental 3 M 4/3 Same text. On par with the other elementals.

Bloodfire Wisp 4 MM 2/4 Gains +2/+1 --> gains +2/+0. Anything that snowballs health can lead to frustration.

Firebringer 5 MM 2/1 Same text. 4 faeria 11/10 is too strong even when behind, and like other growy things, one card carrying an archetype leads to draw rng.

Gift of Steel 2 MMW n/a Give a creature +2/+0. If it is a Combat creature, give it +2/+2 instead. So it is a good card, but less than the original, as combat creatures become better with scaling.

CAP-10, Sky Pirate 4 MMWW 3/6 Same text. This is too strong with the new Herald of War.

Kobold Smuggler 5 MM 5/4 Corrupt - Summon a 4/1 Cutthroat Bandit in a random adjacent land. Current version is balanced to unplayable, because the upside is too large.

Firestorm 5 MMM n/a Deal 3 damage to ALL creatures. End you turn. Most controversial change this year besides b2p. I like this version because it prevents the player from sitting back and then punishing the opponent for just playing creatures, rather than for overextending or taking too many value trades.

Rakoakopter 5 MMM 3/3 Same text. Quite a strong card, but red needs replacement for Firestorm. It should not be in everything with red in it though.

Seifer, Blood Tyrant 5 MMM 5/5 Combat - Deal 1 damage to all enemies. One of my least favorite cards. Winning the game on its own if your opponent does not have a response should not exist.

Groundshaker 6 MM 5/6 Gift - Deal 1 damage to ALL characters. I think most aoe should be universal. Punishment for matching the opponents army is unfair.

Lord of Terror 6 MM 0/7 Gift - Every turn you deal damage to either god, gain 2 Attack (while in your hand or deck). Current version grows so vastly its too hard to balance.

Boulder Thrower 6 M 3/6 Ranged 2 When this attacks, it also damages each enemy adjacent to the target. So oppressive its costed out of the game. Letting you approach it at least allows some interaction.

Barbarian Ogre 7 MM 8/7 I played bargain rush in april, and used Ogre Battler instead despite it being a defensive card.

Ignus, the First Flame 8 MMM 5/4 Same text. Its too weak, but still needs to be answerable.

Garudan, Heart of the Mountain 10 MM 6/6 Flying, Charge 2, Gift - Deal 3 damage to ALL creatures. He was the go to aoe ahead of a dedicated aoe (Firestorm) before it was nerfed. His power level is so high it is difficult to play around him without throwing, so losing to him is largely draw rng.

Volcanic Colossus 10 MM 7/7 Ranged --> Ranged 3 Current playstyle is so uninteractive its costed out of the game.


Oath to Oblivion 2 DD n/a Same text. To go with change to Oblivion Rider.

Oblivion Rider 5 DD 5/4 Charge 3 Explore, Desert, Orb should not exist. Maybe it can see play elsewhere.

Annoying gnat 2 DD 1/1 Charge 2 They show up where they cannot do the annoying part of their name. You mostly avoid trading with them, so it should not be op.

Altar of Souls 1 DDD 0/3 Activate - Deal 2 damage to yourself and add a 5/1 Slaughtering Shadow to your hand. To go with change to Slaughtering Shadow.

Slaughtering Shadow 2 DD 5/1 It will not show up in yellow rush right? I hope not.

2 Vile Bloatfly 2 DDD 2/3 Flying, Corrupt - Add a Vile Bloatfly to your hand. Endless cards, not endless 3 damage for 2 faeria.

Oradrim Fanatic 3 DDW 3/2 Same text. Movement tricks are too swingy to happen before 3 lands.

Oradrim Sagittarious 3 DDW 1/3 Same text. This snowballs too well for 2 lands. It may need something more drastic, like removing ranged for haste.

Shaytan Assassin 4 DD 3/2 Same text. Its a cool card that should see play, but does not because of Emperors Command and Humbling Vision. This gives green a slight buff too.

Wind Wisp 4 D 1/3 +3/+0 --> +2/+0 Yolo is fun, unless you are the defender and do not have 2 damage or are the attacker and they do.

Khalims Skygaurd 4 DDW 4/4 Same text. 3 health is too weak, and swarming the oppoenents orb without building lands in not okay.

Zealous Crusader 4 DD 1/6 Charge 2 Gains +1/+0 each time a friendly creature attacks a god (while in your deck or hand). Rush cards need to be strong to make up for the archetypes inherent weaknesses, but not this strong. 5 faeria 4/4 would be fine too.

Dustbringer Wraith 4 DDW 3/5 Same text. Too solid for how huge the upside is.

Istanu, the Eternal Light 6 DDWWWW 6/6 Flying, Charge 3, Last Words - A random friendly creature becomes Istanu at the end of the turn. One card clearing a whole board in one turn and then providing endless value is ridiculous.

Doomsday 12 DDD n/a Set your faeria to 0. Destroy ALL creatures and structures. End the turn. It only sees play in yrush now, as rush cares little about its health. Removing that lets it be costed more towards control.

Azarai, Wrath of the Desert Flying, Charge 2, Gift - You drain 2 health from ALL creatures. Makes it a 6/6 like the other dragons, and fits with yellows self sacrifice theme.

Windstorm Collosus 10 DD 7/7 Dash 3 --> Dash 2 I like the progression of opponents making lands near your orb before playing finishers.

Multi Color

Three Wishes 3 LLFFDDMM n/a They cost 1 less. -->They cost 2 less. Hardest land cost in the game, and you net only 2 cards and are behind on faeria until you play them all, but they may be situational, or not fit with your deck. Its still 3 faeria worse than the old old version.

Swarming Carassius 3 FD 3/2 Flying Can be summoned adjacent to friendly creatures. Gift - Summon a copy for each friendly one that was played or died (whichever is lowest). 1,2,4,8,16,31 -->1,2,3,4,5,6

Rakoan Chieftan 4 MDWW 2/5 Adjacent friendly creatures have +2/+0 Dash was essential in path to face, and I think the current version is too subtle to see much play in Rakoan decks.

Frog Tosser 6 FFLLW 4/4 Same text. Does 4 damage a summons a 2 drop for 6 faeria. The reach and possible 4/2 is covered by the lands.

Skyward Swordfish FFDD 5 4/7 Flying, Taunt, Dash 1 I like Swordfish. Its simple and interactive, denying value on removal and requiring good trading. However, as a simple solid card it is too splashable, showing up even in Rakoan decks without synergizing.

Soul Eater 6 FFFDDD 2/2 Same text. *While strong, GY sac is so difficult to pilot it does not need a nerf, but this carrying everything makes for too much draw rng.

Crackthorn Beast 6 FFFMMM 3/3 Dash 2 --> Dash 1 It is tons of value, and should and should have the downside of being slightly slower.

Apex Predator 7 FFFLLL 3/3 Jump, Gift - Give another creature Jump. Gain Attack and Life equal to it. Less eggs in one basket, and if you are gonna copy my Soul Eater, I deserve a little something back.

Twinsoul Spirit 5 LLLDDD 3/4 Flying Can summon adjacent to friendly creatures. Other Twinsoul Spirits have +1 Attack. Gift - Summon a copy. Crackthorn Beast and Icerock Behemoth are about +3 in value, and this only saw lots of play recently because people hardly played it before, and Istanu, which needs more nerfing.

Gemshell Tortoise 8 LLMMWW 4/5 Gift - Draw a card and copy it. They cost 3 less. This was nerfed by a whole 2.5 faeria, and now it lost Firestorm. There were too many 6/6s in BR bargain, and the effect is the most interesting part.

Scourgeflame Specter 7 MMMDDD 3/5 Deal 3 --> Deal 2 Grumble grumble.

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