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Ladder Tierlist - Resurgence (updated September 23)

Posted by Minocaro on 13/09/2018

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Here i show you my "TierList", and i hope you will discuss with me about your tought of what you think of it.

I'll update this article each time a new deck pop in the meta game.

  • I'm not sure if i like the idea of posting exact full decklist of decks. But i know Faeria community and players are smart (exept you Esof & Hunter monkaS) so i let you guys adapt decklists with your mindset.

  • Also, in Faeria, something i always enjoy is the power of "skill", i mean by that if you win, it is not because of the decklist but because of your plays ! So it's really, really hard to rate "power" of decks & archetypes.

  • If you understand what i mean here, you realize this TierList is more "My Tierlist" than a "Real TierList". Feels Free to comment with your own point of vue about your tierlist, i'm really curious to see that.

Tier List :

(clic on archetype to see decklist)

Free to play mean you can play the deck even if you don't have DLC cards (Fall of Everlife & Resurgence). I notice number of cards you have to change, if the archetype doesn't need DLC cards to work.

Tier 1 - Top Decks to Win

Tier 2 - Top Decks to Practice

Tier 3 - Top Decks to Have Fun

"Resurgence" Top Cards :

  1. DustBringer Wraith
  2. Shozen
  3. Radiance

"Fall of Everlife" Top Cards :

  1. Spirit Theft
  2. Laya
  3. Rakoan Shield Mates

"OverSky" Top Cards :

  1. Frog-Tosser
  2. Shifting Octopus
  3. Grappling Hook

"Classic set" Top Cards :

  1. Emperor Command
  2. Wind soldier
  3. Garudan

  • There is off course a looooooot of other decks, don't focus on this list when you think about the game.
  • I'm gonna continue to update this tierlist.


matrien 13/09/2018 20:21

Excellent guide, Mino - thanks for sharing! :smiley:

ChaeHolic 14/09/2018 02:53

Love to see a great guide, Mino. <3


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