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Dream Power!

Posted by BoBBiN on 03/09/2018

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This guide will be a quick rundown of my Dream list, if you wish for more details PM on discord: BoBBiN#6696

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  • 9 Yak Attack 3
  • 12 Day of the Dragons 1
  • 4 4 Frogify 3
  • 10 2 Stormspawn 3
  • 4 2 Gabrian Archon 3
  • 1 1 Failed Experiment 3
  • 20 Radiance, Imperial Air... 1
  • 15 Mother of All Yaks 1
  • 10 Magnus, King of Merova... 1
  • 7 2 Gabrian Warden 2
  • 5 3 Aurora's Creation 2
  • 24 5 Aurora's Dream 1
  • 4 3 Aurora, Myth Maker 1
  • 10 2 Windfall 3
  • 5 3 Fugoro, Merchant of Wo... 1
  • 10 Radiance, Scourge of O... 1

Change Log


-3 Storyteller

-1 Baron

-1 Rapala

+1 Baeru

+2 Warden

+1 Plague Bearer

+1 Yak Attack

I felt the mill combos were kinda useless and the draw wasn't needed.

So, I put in Bearu to help against combat, Wardens to make Archon extra sticky, and I rounded down the list.

Papa's back and he's here to drop to bronze

Since my last guide was absolutely horrible, and everyone hated it, I decided to make something even worse.

Why does this deck exist?

As part two of FoE came in two things became very apparent to me: 1. The meta is slowing down and 2. Someone should act on that. And so I set out to make a dream deck. The first idea that came through my head was Bargain. But there were a few main issue with that; 1. burn existed, 2. rush existed and bargain cannot really function against those two so I set out for an alterantive, the alterantive being Bcontrol. The baseline of the deck was found in this old deck doctor. With that in mind, I set out to make the list more modern, so I looked around the hub for Ideas. And then it hit me Lore Thief is basically storyteller's weakass brother so I put that in with baron and rapala. Then the rest of the deck was taken from the deck doctor, other than some minor changes.

Card Picks

Plague Bearer

Good for coming back on board with mass clears.


Failed Combos often leave you strapped for cards so this could get your hand back up to size. (also rapala synergy)

Baron Thulgar

A decent body with a decent effect, try not to get this killed without rapala played first

Yak Attack

A decent card to come back with on board or to synergize with Orosei


Greed + Magnus = Good Times


A decent tech to deal with rush/burn or to comeback on board

Failed Experiment

Synergies with Plague Bearer, Baron, and Stormspawn


Makes baron god


Decent Starting creature that isn't useless in the late game




Enemy Late game + this = Good Times


1 Magnus 2 Magnus Red Magnus Blue Magnus


99% of the time highroll Baldurion 1% of the time get oakling and feel sad

Stormspawn + Windfall

"Wow that's alotta faeria, how about a little more?

Aurora's Dream

I wonder why that's in here



Storyteller, Baron, Archon

Sometimes keeps

Failed Experiment with Stormspawn if you have the explore. Rapala if you have baron and failed. Magnus if you know it's a green or red player. Aurora if you have storyteller. Windfall if you feel extra greedy that day.

Never keeps

Yak Attack, Plague Bearer, Radiance, Frogify, Creation, Orosei, Dream

Land Placement

Play to the side if you don't have explore and you get a storyteller. Literally any other time play in front of orb and then to the wells, contest only some mid-range like combat and crackthorne, avoid green or BG Beasts. Control match-ups you "defend" and combo/otk you need to put pressure on. Rush is painful, but you can beat it, you have no room to missplay though. Always make the V against rush if you already placed a land in front of orb make the Diamond.


Let's look at a quote for this.

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. -Leo Tolstoy

All you do it sit back and make them force your hand or you play dream and demolish them. Try and go for board wipes with plague bearer failed combo or yak attack or set up archons to control the board with ease. Or set up big mill combos with rapala, storyteller, and Baron. Unless it's combo/OTK, then you gotta yeet them quick.

Q + A

Card Techs? Drop orosei and yak attack for Day of Dragons and 1 more creation and 1 more Plague Bearer, or do that backwards, I mean it really only depends on what YOU want. There's all sorts of things you can do with this deck. You can add Warden to keep your archons save, you can add Fugoro, or Library, maybe even Reaver. There's plenty of stuff that you can use. What if you only get rush? Switch decks. You can barely defend against rush, but it's certainly better then defending with bargain. Do you have a discord server? No not at all.

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