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Real Dabbing Hours

Posted by BoBBiN on 07/08/2018

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This is literally the best guide in all of history and it will blow your mind.

Krog is literally the best thing to ever happen to humanity and here is why.

  1. He is literal god
  2. He can be played in literally every deck
  3. He is NEVER too small to be king
  4. Cool parties, very good
  5. Can be found in Aurora's Dreams
  6. Krog was bullied in school, now he literally summons Ignus himself to scorch them in HELLFIRE
  7. He can eat dinner (yes he can)
  8. Has turtle pets
  9. Can summon rocks from the sky to hurt you, be nice
  10. dab
zerglingvet 07/08/2018 17:53

what did u take?

BoBBiN 07/08/2018 19:47