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Cosmetic Calculation

Posted by ElliotRogier on 27/07/2018

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somebody on discord asked the question that ho many mythic chests would you need to get all cosmetics.

2018-07-27 15:39:14 Friday Hello welocome to my ''Guide'' on how mythic chest it would take to get all cosmetics(if you have all mythic cards and Lore Pages)

Cosmetics you dont get from mythic chests: Avatars: Explorer, Crimson sprite, Azure Sprite, Demented Kaois, Bomb-R, Avatars you get from eggs (should be 8)

Orbs: Champions orb, Loyalty orb, Basic orb, Corrupted orb, Bomb-R's orb

Card backs: Corrupted card back, (My) Seasonal card back (1), Basic card back, Premium card back, Bomb-R's card back

Wells: Basic well, Corrupted well, Bomb-R's well

avatars: 23x3 = 69-4= 65-8=57-1=56 orbs: 13x3=39-5=34 card backs:9x3=27-5=22 well: 8x3+1= 25-2=23-1=22 56+34+22+22= 134:4=33.5

Note: My calculations might not be the same as yours due to me only having 1 seasonal card back at the time of posting this. I am also pretty new to the game so i can not count for any avatars you could get in the past that are not in the cosmetic selection menu. Pleaselet me know if i missed anything, Please let me know if you want me to do a other ''Guide'' on the Lore pages or Cards,you can reach me via the faeria discord @elijah