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Green Blue Flood

Posted by Ver-akuum on 04/09/2018

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An easy to get into, board controlling and value trading aggressive deck with power ups, sustain, and direct removal to supplement your hearty creatures on board. Mobile smaller creatures allow for easy collection and Faeria management. While a solid base, the careful positioning of your creatures in preparation for later turns allows you to seta pace that is difficult for opponents to keep up with.

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  • 4 4 Frogify 2
  • 4 1 Water Elemental 2
  • 3 2 Tiki Caretaker 2
  • 2 2 Ruunin's Guidance 2
  • 2 The Emperor's Command 2
  • 5 2 2 Frog-Tosser 3
  • 4 Deranged Monkey 3
  • 6 4 Rain of Fish 2
  • 6 2 Tale of the Old Turtle 1
  • 4 3 Aurora, Myth Maker 1
  • 2 2 Flowersilk Faerie 3
  • 5 2 Eredon, Voice of All 1
  • 4 2 Gift of the Rakoa 3
  • 4 Laya, Lady of Sorrows 1
  • 3 Shadowsilk Faerie 2

Mulligans: The cards you really want to look for in you starting hand are; Deranged Monkey Flowersilk You only really want to look for one deranged monkey, so that if you go first you can go up the middle special land-double neutral-special land and then drop a bulky threat right at your opponents face. In the case that you go second, you go up special land-explore-special land. The reason why you want the faeries is so when you place that first land(forest) in front of your orb, you can then use it as a launch spot so that when it turns drawing an event you can just pick a side of the board to zoom over to and get into double collection without having to extend special lands over to the wells in the early game.

Midgame: By this point you hopefully have some flowersilks turned and have at least one in a decent collection area to make sure you dont run out of resources, or you have put one down in front of your orb to defend against rush. Laya is good for gaining control over an area of the board, or forcing your opponent to invest in direct removal which can be very costly for them or require more than one card to get rid of(helps exhaust their removal options). Deathtouch makes it great for tradin gwith big threats. At this time in the game you most likely have the special lands required for a very handy removal method Frog Tosser This card has become even more relavent in my opinion because it is an instant counter to Imperial Drakerider(which seems fairly popular) in addition to removing thos maybe hard to reach collectors or offside key cards(ex. Drakkar Skycaptain, Spirit of Rebirth, Blood Singer), it survives and provides a possible method to extend lands further up the board and offers a moblie collector. Aurora and frogify are standard blue control tools to allow you to better keep your prescence on the board. Aurora can be dropped at or in between wells for some offside collection. The Frogifys should be saved for the very significant creatures. Tiki caretakers to help with trading, and to possibly lift an infuential creature out of direct removal range. ShadowSilk More mobile collectors that help you draw into your removal or combo pieces to set up your final turns.

Win Condition: Rain of fish + powerups on faeries or monkeys for lethal.