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GY Flyers

Posted by PyroManiacYT on 27/06/2018

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Use a variety of cards that no one likes to feed your Soul Eaters into 5 Faerie Imperial Airships.


Hello everybody, it is me, that dude that complains about rng in Discord and religiously net decks. After a while of being stuck at rank 10 with BG Jump, Red Combat, and Green Control, I have given up on my career of net decking. Instead, I have created my own deck by ripping off xged's BG Jump and I now shall create a guide for it, by ripping off werfs. I am a great person, aren't I?


This version of GY Flyers was created based off of xged's Blue Green Jump. While they may not look similar at first, I will explain in detail below why certain cards were included. The deck contains a large number of flying creatures that may be used for double collecting without the need of placing lands further away from the orb. Creatures can be played defensively, near the player’s orb and the Faerie wells to allow a constant stream of Faerie whilst defending the orb. Over the course of the game when your creatures will inevitably be removed, they will slowly buff your Soul Eaters into monstrosities that will practically one to two shot your opponent.

The Cards

Elderwood Embrace & Ruunin's Guidance

These two cards are taken out from BG Jump, they serve a similar purpose on this list as they do in BG Jump. Both Elderwood and Guidance can be used to buff your creatures to give them a bit more vitality in order to make more positive trades. Guidance can also be a lifesaver against Rush matchups which this deck seems to be very week against.

Water Elemental vs Air Elemental

Water Elementals are essential in BG Jump to generate land, trade and collect Faerie. When I was looking for a card to replace Water Elementals, the obvious choice was Air Elementals. Air Elementals have the downside of not having jump and being a 4/2. This means that Air Elementals are much less manuverable and they open themselves up to being removed by Seiffer's Wrath and Punishment. Air Elementals have the upside of being a flying creature. Dropping an Air Elemental on turn 2 will allow double collection on turn 4 without building any lands by the wells.

Triton Warrior vs Dune Drake

Dune Drakes were added to this deck as a decently maneuverable orb defender. It bears the resemblance to Triton Warrior as it is a 4 Faerie 4/4 with Charge 2. The upside to Dune Drakes is that they are airborne creatures which allows them to trade with other airborne creatures over the ocean. Their downside compared to Triton Warrior is that they do not have jump, and the much more serious downside, which is the fact that Dune Drakes cannot collect Faerie. This crippling downside makes them not a great replacement for Triton Warrior but a sufficient replacement nonetheless.

Frogify vs Crystal Flower

Frogify is an extremely versatile removal card that can work both in the early game and late game. It was difficult to find a replacement for Frogify in Yellow. Choking Sands could remove early game low attack targets, but they are useless against anything with an attack of 4 or greater. Last Nightmare, on the other hand, costs a whole 6 Faerie which may be difficult to produce in the early game. I eventually thought of Crystal Flowers and found them to be the perfect replacement. Crystal Flowers could remove early and late game targets alike, although they do not remove creatures permanently like Frogify, removing a creature for 5 turns is still extremely valuable. Crystal Flowers allow you to forget a target for a turn or two so that you may find a more permanent answer and it may also be used to slow down your opponent’s clock in the case of a face race.

Battle Toads vs Sky Yaks

Battle Toads, you may have up to six of them 2/2 frogs… nani?? Whatever man, I can’t tell the difference between them either.

You may have up to seven Sky Yaks, more walue 5 u, that’s a free 3/2 for the same 12 Faerie price for casting 3 Fightin Frogs.

The downside is that Sky Yaks take a while to build up, because they have to die first, and they also do not have jump, but they are airborne, so they can double collect quite easily over the ocean.

Shifting Octopus vs Manta Rider

These cards are nothing alike aside from their cost, Shifting Octopus can provide immense value for a deck because they can shift to adapt to situations, because of this Shifting Octopi are incredibly good to include in BG decks. I sought a card that provides value at a similar land and Faerie cost, and one card was an obvious choice; MANTA RIDERS, the nightmare of so many Faeria players, the card that causes countless players to flee their computers in fear and rope forcing you to sit in boredom so that you may end their lives. I don’t need to tell you why Manta Riders are good, just ask xged’s tier list :DDD (they’re good because they’re maneuverable, has 5 attack, and spawns a 2/2 when they die, not to mention they can collect Faerie and they’re airborne).


Yakkapults are probably my favorite card, they provide endless value if they have a target to hit, they are included in BG Jump as a win condition. A Yakkapult in the line of fire of the opponent’s orb could very easily snowball the game especially if the Yakkapult has been buffed. They are even better in this deck as they provide even more value if they have managed to spawn a few Yaks.

Soul Eater

Soul Eaters are the main win condition of this deck, every creature that dies to the opponent grants your Soul Eaters a 1/1 buff. Cards such as Manta Riders provide 2 1/1 buffs, Sky Yaks providing from 1 to 4 1/1 buffs each as each Sky Yak that has been removed summons an extra Sky Yak. And last but definitely not least, Yakkapult Yaks will provide a stream of buffs to Soul Eaters as each 2/2 Yak removed provides a 1/1 buff to Soul Eater. Soul Eaters are clunky in this deck as the deck does contain a few ramp cards so that Soul Eater land requirements will be met much earlier however unlike in GY Sac, GY Fly has no sac engines so your Soul Eaters become even more of a dead card early game. The benefit of not running Sacrifice cards over these random cards above is that you do not really need to pray for a card to sacrifice, or a card that could sacrifice, you let the slow course of the game buff your Soul Eaters for you.

Wind Soldier, Oradrim Fanatic, Last Nightmare, Skyward Swordfish

Wind Soldier was added in case an immediate 3 damage was needed for a trade, or lethal.

Oradrim Fanatic was added to reposition creatures to trade or face, etc.

Last Nightmare was added just in case your opponent dropped a 10/10 on your face, and you Crystal Flowered it, but the Flower is about to expire, time to drop a LN on that 10/10.

Skyward Swordfish was added to defend against rush, it costs too many lands to be a really early game defender, but you have other creatures for that purpose.

Flash Winds and Sword Fish

Why not include more Sword Fishes and some Flash Winds?

I have not really tested that because I play this deck very defensively, all my creatures hang around my orb until I have Soul Eaters at a large enough number that I can just drop one next to my opponent’s orb and have my clock instantly go to 2 turns till lethal.

Try it out and tell me how that goes, replace any of the one ofs perhaps, that is left to the player’s creative interpretation of the deck.


Really simple, just pray that you do not draw a hand full of Soul Eaters and Yakkapults and you should be fine.


I’m not good at this game so I have no idea how to properly pilot this deck vs different matchups but so far all I have been doing is setting up double collectors, filling in the lands next to my orb and to avoid an enemy land being placed next to my orb. Resume to double collect and protect the orb making as many positive trades as possible, bait out Frogify with Manta Riders because nobody wants to trade with a Manta Rider, and drop them 10/10+ Soul Eaters either next to orb to defend and make a final push or just drop all of them next to the opponent’s orb and pray they don’t run Doomsday or Meteor.

End Note

Pls don’t sue me, I’m poooooooooooooor.

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