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New Cards's Analysis (ft. Teddy, Chief, Donpork & Esof)

Posted by Minocaro on 18/05/2018

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This is not really a guide, more a small (lul) article where you can read some top players thought about next new cards.
Bonus : Exclusive reveal !

Long Article Below ! Keep your calm, Chill, takes some PopCorns & Have a nice reading !

Except If you live in a cavern, you might know a new expansion is comming in Faeria this summer.

(No, this thing is definitely not a Yak.)

Some cards are already revealed, but we can't play them yet. So what can we expect from this coming new cards ?

  • Teddy, ChiefBromden, EsofDawn, Donpork and I wrote our expectation about them.
  • We are also trying to guess what can be the teased card with only its beginning card text.
  • As Ranking players, our opinions are mainly based on Constructed mod. Pandora or Solo might have different analysis.
  • Without all the new card set, we off course can't predict exactly what will happen with this new cards. It's possible to see after this analysis some cards who will totally change our point of view.


"Corrupt" is a new Keyword who will born in Faeria with this expansion.

  • Corrupt: Does something the first time this creature moves onto enemy land any turn after it is played.

This keyword seems restricted to creatures. But the reality is different... Do you know why this Keyword pop-up just now in the Game ? Because all Abrakam members get corrupted by "Demonic Atmaz", the real antagonist of the Faeria Lore !
Editor's note: No.

  • Teddy : Corrupt is an interesting mechanic overall. Might be played in rush or midrange with a lot of movement if the reward is good enough. Might be a nerf to rush actually because you make it easy for your opponent to activate their corrupt.

  • ChiefBromden : I am very happy to get a new ability that is board related. I think if it is well balanced Corrupt will really increase the skill-level of the game and it will become even more tactical and strategical. You will have to learn to think ahead where and when you place your lands. Also it looks like a bit of a nerf to Rush decks overall, since their lands are way easier to reach than those of Control decks. I think Corrupt will be really good for the game and it increases my personal Hype-level a lot for the next expansion.

  • EsofDawn : I've always been a fan of positional mechanics, that's what Faeria should be all about, so i'm pretty happy with this new mechanic, I think that it will provide the defensive ability some decks lack against rush, since they build lands toward your orb and from what we've seen, the corrupt cards are going to require a few special lands to play. We have a lot of movement tricks that are not being used that much in the competitive scene, "Shifting Tide" and "Banquet" for example, perhaps they will find a new home with this mechanic.

  • Donpork : Cool keyword especially for games with land systems like Faeria. I personally like the effect that affected by positioning (in that point the “swallow” was the worst). I also like that can't get any immediate value on played turn, and good vs rush.

  • Minocaro : All mechanics can be interesting, as long as cards who will use them are well thought and balanced. Faeria have this advantage to have a board, so seeing "Card game"'s & "Board game"'s mechanics build with same importance look really good. I'm impatient to discover what Abrakam will make with that and hope "Corruption" is going to add a new mobility aspect in competitive games.

Attractive Laya is the first legendary, but also the only one revealed. Is this lady as strong as sexy ?

  • Teddy : Seems like a meme.

  • ChiefBromden : 4F and 4Lands is quite a high cost for 3/4 creatures is not great value. Deathtouch is very good but without protection it probably wont get more than one trade and at 4hp it is vulnerable to "Fire Bombs", "Bomb Slingers" and with more neutral cards in the meta i can even see "Punishment" making a comeback. It might be good as an anti-rush card, since you get the "Shimmering Statue" but i dont see it being very strong.

  • EsofDawn : First deck that comes to mind is G/Y Sacrifice, because of her special land requirement and last words, she will have to be played in a defensive deck or at least in a defensive position, being easy prey to "Choking Sands" and the high land requirement, perhaps she can be a part of a new control deck like G/Y Sac with different colors.

  • Donpork : Unique effect but too slow. A spawned building may block the path of my creatures. Compared to similar land req and cost cards, lack of impact (ex / "Sky Pirate", "Rakoa Chieftain").

  • Minocaro : I like this card, but i think it's not playable in tryhard decks. I believe whatever how many cards or mechanics you add, "Tempo" will always be the best way to play the game, because of Faeria wells & little amount of god HP. Knowing that, sexy "Laya" seems not adapt to play with or against "tempo" decks. 1/ Bad Stats. 2/ Negative "Last Words", the statue is just going to block your own lands, so block your spawn creature's possibilities.

Personally, I've never seen a fish falling from the sky. Ho but wait, Is it a Fish ? Is it a bird ? No, it's...

  • Teddy : Interesting idea, might be very strong against non-red decks, but on 6 lands there are stronger cards imo.

  • ChiefBromden : I can not really judge how strong "Rain of Fish" will be, because i assume you need to build a deck around it to make best use of it. I imagine then it can be quite good, but i hope it will become a meme card that we dont see too often in competitive meta. I really really really dislike the RNG effect, Faeria doesnt need it and sometimes it will win games on its own with good "landing spots" for the "Ruby Fish" and sometimes you will just lose 6F for hardly any value.

  • EsofDawn : The high land requirements really restricts this card, making it too slow vs the token rush archtypes, perhaps this can be usefull with "Ulani's medallion", this card should get some support with the new cards, otherwise it will just be a meme card.

  • Donpork : It’s pretty high costs and high land requirement with single card. Above all this card is base on RNG. (We know that almost all lands of faeria have a strategic meaning because of gnats...). There is a possibility combo card with like "Ulani's Medalion" or "Gift of Rakoa" etcs...

  • Minocaro : Quick maths and you realize "Rain of fish" is meme. 31 tiles, usually 10-15 lands when this card become playable but with 2-3 creatures on them. We can expect average of 2 kamikaze-fishs and 4 survivors. Also, empty lands are usually in the middle of the map, where it's useless to have a body. If a fish pop on a lake, it will deal 1 damage and still survive, but it's not enough to make this card viable. Noble is just better.

Wow..."Demonic Salmon" can't be his real name... What about "Billy" ?

  • Teddy : Probably weaker than "Flash Salmon" because it costs one more, but might see play because haste+flying+charge 2 is pretty strong as we have already seen.

  • ChiefBromden : This is a very interesting card, I have heard Vanguards say that it really isnt as good as it seems. But it seems really good. Haste, Flying and Charge 2 makes it close to impossible to defend against it and gives Yrush a lot of mobility and possibilities to hit face and get Prayer off and then it is a 2/2 already, which has to be dealt with immediately or it will get out of hand really fast. But then usually reliable sources say it is really not as good as it seems which makes me curious to test it myself.

  • EsofDawn : Can be strong in path and yellow rush, can survive more removals with the buffs (for example "Groundshaker") Can be another sacrifice target for "Demon Wrangler" in yellow rush (like "Flash Salmon" was before he had divine) or perhaps take part in a new kind of rush with the new cards.

  • Donpork : Pretty strong if it appeared at the early game with "Air Ele". If the opponent does not have the answer to deal with it, has the potential to finish the game but it is not effective in the mid ~ late stage when the opponent is stabilized. There is another haste added to Yellow Rush, but it is already enough to have.

  • Minocaro : If you can't answer Yrush oppening you will die fast. This is already the case. In the other side, if you have creatures to deal with yrush oppening, you won easily. So, the only argument who could make think "Billy" is good, (snawball), don't work. I don't see "Billy" playable in high level, sadly.

Scary but... Beautiful Monster isn't it ? Let's see if players look more scared or in love of it.

  • Teddy : The effect sounds insanely strong. With things like "Sunken Tower" or even "Triton Banquet" there should be the possibility for some really sick plays that can win you the game. might see play in something like blue jump.

  • ChiefBromden : "Monstrous Hydra" looks like the most interesting cards of those yet revealed. 6F for 5/5 is not bad value on its own, 5hp is really sturdy (as the "Shell" tells us ;) ) and you dont have to work on getting Corrupt the following turn. It is just a big threat that can sit around your board and put a lot of pressure on your opponent without you having to invest a lot of resources into it. Also Blue has good movement cards so i hope and expect that this card will make Blue midrange top tier again.

  • EsofDawn : A versitile creature, for both offensive and defensive plays, can be aggressive in midrange or defensive vs rush. Hydra looks like a strong defensive tool vs yellow rush or swarm decks.

  • Donpork : It has a powerful effect, but it does not seem so destructive if you estimate that the average number of hydra that can be summoned is two or three. even vs rush, 3 land requirement are quite slow.

  • Minocaro : I think this card have a bad use of "Corrupt", because "adjacent land" is usually 1 land (2 if you use mobility card). Especially when players will inscrease their skill of PowerWheel use, to not get reckt by a potential "corrupt" card. Can we compare this card with "Noble" again ? Better stats yes but without the extra body. If you want a body for 6, why not "Herald" ? Do we see this cards in tier decks today ? no. So no reason to see "Hydra".

Welcome to the new rider ! I believe in the Lore of Faeria, even Toads can be ride. But well, this is not Toad-Rider, Yak-Rider or Faerie-Rider (or Tiki-Rider :O ) yet, what can we expect from this DrakeRider ?

  • Teddy : Seems strong just off the fact that it's a flying/charge 2 that you can play turn 2 (like the old "Khalim"), setting up collection very quickly 4 HP is enough to not get punished too easily unless the meta shifts.

  • ChiefBromden : "Imperial Drakerider" looks like a very good t2 play in Flier decks. I like that it is neutral and i can see it being used by Green and even Blue decks as well. The problem is that it is a 4hp creature for 5Faeria and you need to get the corrupt bonus asap or you are very likely to lose value on it. Very hard to judge how good or reliable it is to trigger corrupt abilities, but i like "Imperial Drakerider" and plan on testing it in a lot of decks.

  • EsofDawn : Can be played in decks that lack mobility creatures like mono green, has decent stats after it triggers.

  • Donpork : Good harvester for all midrange decks. Creatures that can be used at turn2 with flying & charge2, We know how it can ruin the game ^^ You can put 3 cards in your deck so I think it is almost always possible to play at turn 2. also turns into a good striker when it triggered.

  • Minocaro : Really good Pandora card ! When I was saying earlier "player will inscrease their power wheel level (land placement)", I was thinking of this card. Why ? Because with a easy access to Corrupt proc, this card is insane, in any color. But without the Corrupt effect, is it legit to play it ? Not really, i mean, i can see it playable in Yfly/Ytempo and also in Blue tempo if more cards let this dream happen, then this card can be really oppressive on it. But overall it is hard to rate this card.

A new Faerie ?! Ha, no nevermind, it's just a PokeBall.

  • Teddy : Seems suuuuuuuuper bad, 4 lands, easy to punish, not that much of a reward. I'd prolly rather play "Wisdom" than this.

  • ChiefBromden : It is kind of sad that this is the first Faerie that doesnt have the unique Faeria trait of triggering when you draw an event. I dont see how this faeria will see any play except from Meme or Combo decks where you need to draw specific Events and even then Corrupt on a 1hp creature seems very unreliable, especially since you can not play it before t4. Of course it can be used to trigger your other Faeries and the artwork is really nice but i dont think it will make Faeries more viable. Also i wish it would have a trigger like the other Faeries. Or (and this is just a first thought) give it protection and make it lose protection when you trigger corrupt or draw an event, like a reverse Faerie trait.

  • EsofDawn : Can trigger other faeries due to it's ability, might be useful faerie deck if we will see more cards to support such a deck.

  • Donpork : Draw events from the deck has many possibilities, but 4 required land and 1/1 stats are really hard to use. Would not be available even in the Faerie deck in my opinion.

  • Minocaro : Really beautiful artwork right ? And really bad card right ? 1/ All Faeries are 2 lands requirement. Why this one is 4 ? 2/ We always want to proc faeries the turn we play them. And sadly we can't instant proc corrupt effect. But even then to be honnest, if we could draw 2 events the turn we play this, that is not playble.

This is a nice teased card but... We only have its beginning card text ! What can be the rest of the card text, and what can be the stats of this creature ?

  • Teddy : The +5/+5 sounds ridiculous. Maybe a new green legendary on 6 lands?

  • ChiefBromden : How I understand that card, it is a big buff for a creature and once it dies you get the actual creature. It sounds strong but will depend on the cost of the card. If we assume +5/+5 costs 5-6 Faeria ("Tethra", "Elderwood" and "Ruunins Presence" give some indication. I am also assuming green since it is a buff card, but swallow so far is neutral so it might be a bit more expensive). I would give it a body of maybe 2/3 and charge2, so you are left with a good collector after the "host" dies, then i can see it cost 7-8F in total and maybe 4 coloured lands.

  • EsofDawn : (like a super Elderwood Embrace as I anderstand it). Depending on the creature's cost, this can be a very strong card because the buff is so substantial, especially if we take into account that we get the creature back after the buffed creature dies.

  • Donpork : Energy drink? With this text, it seems that there is no reason not to use this card. But we know. Hidden text will have a huge penalty. This text is not enough to evaluate this card. It would be nice to add an ITEM ("Equipment" like in MTG) cards in the future.

  • Minocaro : First impression : "GY HASTE COMBO IS BACK". But wait, i'm sure end of card text is like "Destroy it and his host creature at the end of the turn." As long as we can buff a "Windsoldier" with it, and then "Feed" everything, I'm happy. I would bet for 6 faeria 0/0 stats, or 1/1 stats whatever.

Corrupted Krog Hype !

And you, what do you expect from this cards ? Let us know by posting a comment... Ups, Comment-Space get Corrupted !

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