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Faeria Deck Tracker

Posted by PicaMula on 15/05/2018

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In this guide I show the features of a little program I made to track how many cards you have left on your deck.

First of all, I must thank /u/Vulpyne, he made a similar tracker in Python (it won't work on Windows) and helped me understand his Python scrips so I could parse Faeria's protocol in C#.

Atmaz and Merlin did help me quite a lot too! I'm really glad the developers were open for conversation and support!

The tracker works by listening to what Faeria's server instructs your client to do. This info comes into TCP packets as string data, Vulpyne was the one that figured out what those meant (since it's text it's somewhat readable).

You can download the tracker here. It requires .Net 4.6.2 and WinPcap 4.1.3 to run.

For bug reporting / feature requests, you can contact me at discord: PicaMula#0613.

A few things to note:

  • You must open the tracker before you log into Faeria, just like it's shown in the video;

  • If the tracker doesn't work, it's most likely because you selected the wrong network device, in that case, just close it all and try another option until you get the right one;

  • if you create a new deck, you must save it, open it back, and save again, if you just edit the deck (not actually new entry), then this process is not needed;

  • If you crash during a match and come back, the tracker will most likely not work properly, that's something I would have to work on;

  • I have no idea how it behaves on Pandora, I didn't test it, so don't count on it! I'm almost sure it won't work as is;

  • The "streamer" mode is intended to streamer's use only, it's a workarround for OBS since it won't capture WPF applications with transparency enabled (which is exactly how I made the overlay), the downside of the streamer mode is that it doesn't support transparency and it's not click-through.


1.2.5: Initial hub release.

1.2.6: Added support for tournament lobbies.


  • Fixed an issue where the hidden overlay checkbox was ignored;
  • Added functionality to deal with cards that are not yet listed in the tracker's code;
  • Fixed card strips to match the June 27th, 2018 patch.


  • Added support for the first part of the Fall of Everlife expansion; Known issues:
  • New lobby system not supported yet;
  • Tarum is still 5 lands since I didn't get it from the boxes yet.

1.2.9: Added support for the second part of the Fall of Everlife expansion.

1.3.0: Added support for the Resurgence expansion pt.1.

1.3.1: Added support for the Resurgence expansion pt.2.

onnig90 15/05/2018 22:27

making the tracker public monkaS

PicaMula 15/05/2018 23:00

Secrets exposed monkaS

Shissan 15/05/2018 23:07

Very cool and does WinPcap work with Windows 10? It’s not listed as a support platform etc.

PicaMula 15/05/2018 23:11

It does work Shissan, I developed it in Win10.

Poiopol 19/05/2018 17:12

Thank you a lot, I was surching a decktracker for a long time

Paroxysm 12/07/2018 11:33

Any specific reason why no adapters are shown? When i open the program it’s just a white blank, and i can’t get it to work because of it, any help would be appreciated because i’ve looked for a decktracker for quite some time now. :slight_smile:

PicaMula 12/07/2018 11:58

Woa that’s a new one. Never happened before…
Talk to me at discord then I can help ^^

dekoNut 25/09/2018 08:35

I get the same problem as Paroxysm. On Windows 10. Did you find a solution?

dekoNut 27/09/2018 03:33

FYI - Pretty sure the solution to Paroxysm and my problem is that we didn’t have WinPcap 4.1.3 installed. That or the most recent update just works.