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CH's meta review. (Dec)

Posted by ChaeHolic on 27/12/2017

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short meta summary for December

I want to tell a brief story for who is interested in current meta but does not play faeria constantly.

As always, my English is broken but I belive you guys could understand what I'm talking about. XD

  • you should know this : the most popular deck is y rush over all the time so I won't mention it in this post.

Early stage

Main decks : GB ramp, GY sac, RY burn

In last MC, the most of winners used GB ramp and GY sac. After their lists were released, many people were willing to play GB and GY. RY burn also arose rapidly because burn could take auto-win if opponent runs GY sac and is pretty fine against the most of decks except rush type.

Middle stage

Main deck : R rush

MrTea showed the potential of R rush in last MC. Generally R rush was in a good position because nobody played mono green decks at that time. R rush usually smashed a match with imperial drain and queen's guard at the early game. Aquablad's deck pilot also led to the huge boom of r rush.

Some guys tried to test yellow fliers too. Fliers also can beat GB ramp easily but is weak against rush type decks.

Late stage

Main deck : ??

We are in the late stage of this season and actually I don't know about what is the main stream now. But I want to mention that some people are starting to run mono green decks to counter red rushians.

matrien 27/12/2017 13:43

Great review of December! Thanks, ChaeHolic, and see you in the new year :smiley:

xged 27/12/2017 20:21

Numbers (stats) would be a bonus.


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