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GB Enchant (Godrank)

Posted by Bo0m117 on 19/11/2017

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Guide to my GB Enchant deck which got me to Godrank this season.

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  • 3 Syland Horsemaster 2
  • 2 2 Gabrian Enchantment 3
  • 4 3 Sagami Grovecaller 1
  • 5 1 Deepwood Grizzly 3
  • 3 2 Living Willow 2
  • 5 2 Voice of Hunger 1
  • 4 1 1 Shifting Octopus 3
  • 4 2 Gabrian Enchantress 3
  • 3 1 Triton Banquet 1
  • 3 1 Tiki Piper 3
  • 0 2 Ruunin's Shrine 2
  • 3 2 Elderwood Embrace 3
  • 4 1 1 1 1 Crystal Flower 3


Strong Vs

  • Rush (any)
  • Red (any)

Good Vs

  • Midrange (Y Tempo can be tough but is winnable)

Struggles Vs

  • Control (rekd by Bargain or Whales, better against Sac)


  • Big creatures stay on board and taunts can stop rush.
  • The problem I've had with enchantment is you often needed to have 4 special lands to start doing stuff, and more lands for stuff like Aurora, Frogify, Grovecaller.
  • I've tried to make this version much stronger in the early and mid game. Waiting for the late game is not an option because Whales and Gemshells.


Enchantment Engine

This is the core of the deck.

  • Gabrian Enchantress Durable body which can also be enchanted.
  • Gabrian Enchantment Can be played 'naked'to draw an out.
  • Tiki Piper Can be played on turn 1. Will not be removed by events efficiently. Later it can be used to sustain other creatures or make a huge creature.
  • Deepwood Grizzly Can be played with just one forest, so can come out on turn 1 if second. Given you need the make 2 lakes to begin enchanting, I value these more than Willows. Also formidable with an Elderwood Embrace if enchantment is not available. Trades with a Manta Rider.
  • Living Willow Can make a 7/7 taunt for 5 faeria - value, but you need the lands first.

Movement Tricks

The enchanted creatures are strong, but won't be much use unless you can trade and threaten face.

  • Triton Banquet Expensive but the surprise value is huge. In the early game you can leap from your well to the opponents with an enchanted creature. From there it threatens face.
  • Syland Horsemaster The new 3 land requirement is no problem for this deck - it takes that many lands to make an enchanted creature anyway. More value than a Banquet in the mid to late game as you also get a useful body.
  • Sagami Grovecaller Late game premium movement. You need the 2 lakes and 2 forests first, so this will not see early play. Allows you to take a big defending creature and hit face - which can be a win condition if you are fenced in.

Complimentary Cards

There is so much you can include here (apart from the mandatory Octopi). I've had the best results with these.

  • Shifting Octopus There's so much you can do with it in this deck. Taunt vs rush, jump to chase down water eles or secure forward land, 3/7 and enchant to 7/7, 7/3 to threaten face, 5/3 taunt/jump and embrace to 7/7. Use these to adapt to the match-up.
  • Ruunins Shrine I though this deck would suffer without Feed, but this is ok. Gives you the extra faeria to drop a couple of cards at a time and get an enchantment combo off, or another threat.
  • Crystal Flower I though a deck that makes big creatures wouldn't need removal - but flower has been good for removing blockers and taunts, allowing your big creatures to close in - or to remove an off-side collector (Manta Rider I'm looking at you!).
  • Voice of Hunger Good in the late game at using all the weak bodies to make another threat, or earlier to remove a vulnerable Enchantress/Piper and make an 8/10.


Play 1st

  1. Piper (keep Enchant-ment-ress, Octopus)
  2. Grizzly (keep Enchant-ment-ress, Embrace)
  3. Octopus (keep Enchant-ment-ress, Embrace)
  4. Willow (keep Enchant-ment-ress)

Play 2nd

As above but switch Grizzly and Pipers places.


Early (Turns 1 and 2)

  • Look at your hand and decide if you need 2 lakes or 2 forests first (lakes usually better to get to enchantment).
  • You generally want to play to the same side as the opponent because you are unlikely to win a race given you need combos to get the big guys out.
  • If you play a turn 1 creature and the opponent goes to the other side, you should also go to the other side.
  • If no turn 1 creature and the opponent hasn't picked a side yet, then play your land in front of your orb.

    Mid (Turns 3 and 4)

  • You generally want to be playing straight up the wells - do not go into them, unless forced.
  • Look for possibility to get attacking land.


  • You want a forest near the opponents face to drop threats and teleport. Jumping Octopus or Banquet help to get this.
  • Don't become land blocked as per above.

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