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How to Earn and Spend Gold, Gems, and Memoria

Posted by matrien on 06/11/2017

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This beginner video tutorial covers the in-game currencies and how to optimize spending to fit your personal play style.

Hi Faeria friends!

This is my first ever video, so please go easy on me! I still have a lot to learn, though just wanted to contribute in a new way, since I have been inspired by the great content and support of the Faeria community.

To skip to a specific currency overview, Gold is at 0m27s, Gems at 6m40s, and Memoria at 7m51s.

Please let me know if you find this guide helpful or if you are interested in seeing any other content.

Good luck, have fun!

MrScar 07/11/2017 08:07

I actually didn’t know that you could purchase oversky islands for gold (and i’ve been playing for a while)

Really nice vid, if there is maybe a small improvement that could be made it would be that maybe you could shorten it down a bit (Maybe by making a simple script) but it really was a small detail in an all around great guide :smiley:

matrien 07/11/2017 15:53

I appreciate your feedback! I agree that I’ll try to make future videos more concise. I give a lot of credit to Aquablad and others who make it look easy. Planning, scripting, pacing, and memorizing is really tough! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your support :slight_smile:

J0k3se 08/11/2017 14:25

Great guide, keep it up! <3

J0k3se 08/11/2017 14:25

Great guide! Keep it up <3

Sulphur 10/11/2017 00:28

Great video! However here’s some things you missed which may be worth mentioning;

  • Buying Wild Packs is a way to earn experience while purchasing chests, for a new player who doesn’t mind spending some extra time it’s definitely worth it to do two mission packs over just buying a chest from the store. Since the objective that asks you to complete two wild mission packs never goes away, this can be done indefinitely(until you run out of gold) to grind exp.

  • Earning experience is a way to earn gold since every levelup gives you 30 or 150 gold randomly

  • The experience required to reach the next level gets slightly higher each time until level 100, where it becomes as easy to level up again as if you were level 1

  • Every 10 levels you get to choose among three random cards that you don’t already own full playsets of, the rarity of the cards shown is random but will not be a common, if you already own a full playset of each card of the randomly selected rarity you get gold instead(200 gold for a rare, 800 gold for an epic, 3200 gold for a legendary)

  • Winning pvp games earns you gold

  • Goki gives 300, 500 or 1000 gold each day. 5000 gold + 30 days of logins equals a minimum of 14000 gold, typically around 15000 though

  • You can get gems from daily login sheets, so if you’re lucky you can get 325 gems every 3 weeks or so

  • Information on Mythic chests explaining that they’re almost purely cosmetic

  • Buying the Solo Mission Packs with gems is actually a decent investment if you want more immediate value over buying a Goki, although Goki is still king in terms of value.

matrien 10/11/2017 01:44

Excellent points, Sulphur - thank you! It’s great to hear different people’s perspectives from their own experiences. I’ll try to be more diligent in future content, so apologies for missing anything this time! I appreciate you filling in the gaps :smiley:

Sulphur 10/11/2017 21:38

Yeah I realize some of that stuff doesn’t fit the theme of the video, but I do end up explaining a lot of it on discord often enough to warrant attention :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for making the video again, we need more reference material like that to send people to, the wiki is sadly very outdated in virtually every aspect.

As a sidenote, if anyone knows how to format and edit wiki’s you can follow this link to do your part too :smiley:


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