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Crumbling Swordsman

Posted by Bo0m117 on 08/07/2017

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Guide for my Combat Red Rush deck.

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  • 3 Master Swordsman 3
  • 0 Imperial Drain 3
  • 3 2 Gift of Steel 3
  • 5 3 Seifer, Blood Tyrant 1
  • 3 2 Flame Burst 3
  • 2 2 Seifer's Wrath 3
  • 6 Queen's Guard 2
  • 3 2 Underground Brigand 3
  • 5 2 Underground Boss 2
  • 4 2 Grim Guard 2
  • 6 2 Groundshaker 2
  • 5 1 Crumbling Golem 3


I tried a few of the combat rush decks on the Hub but they didn't work for me so I made this deck instead.

This deck got me to Top10 God Rank. It has great results against most of the meta decks right now. Great Versus: Jumpers, Dream Reaver, Yellow Events, Red Control. Decent Versus: Crackthorn, Scourgeflame. Bad Versus: Mono Green


- Master Swordsman (if 1st only)

Great turn 2 creature after double-double-neutrals. Deals with Wood Elemental, Windstorm Charger, Triton Warrior, Battletoads.

- Queen's Guard (if 2nd only)

If the opponent is banking Faeria do not play without at least 1 mountain - you want to follow up with Gift of Steel or removal.

- Imperial Drain

When Imperial Drain is in play you can ignore the opponents collectors and keep drawing for answers / building lands.

- Crumbling Golem

Good turn 2 / turn 3 creature to clear defensive Groundshakers, Shedim Brutes, Ancient Heralds, Seifer, Auroras Minion.

- Seifer

Worth keeping to deal with Green decks and Crackthorn decks.


  • Open with double neutrals.
  • You want to get a land next to the opponents Orb or 1 tile away.
  • Play an early creature to step up of deal with a defender.

*Note that the Axe Grinder spot is not required as there are no Axe Grinders and you won't be collecting Faeria anyway.

Early Game

  • Stop opponent collecting with Imperial Drain or by killing/removing collectors.
  • Try and get a combat creature to stick to the board and hit Orb. Pray for Gift of Steel.

Free hits on the orb with the Faeria earning creatures is what it's all about with this deck.

Mid Game

  • Hope you didn't get this far because you won already.
  • If opponent is defending then keep playing Faeria earning creatures and hitting +1 on the power wheel. Playing a creature every turn will wear down opponents hand.

Late Game

  • If you got this far you are in trouble.
  • Draw for Flame Burst / Seifer's Wrath / Grim Guard for Orb damage or taunt creatures to protect your orb in a race.
Minocaro 10/07/2017 17:12

Nice deck bro !
I really like your deck building.

ESofDawn 10/07/2017 17:54

Nice deck, consistent.

Zakaryah 11/07/2017 08:51

That deck work so perfectly O_O A wanted a good duck resh and do not wanted to play Yellow rush, now i'm happy


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