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How to use "White Rush"

Posted by TheBuzzard on 25/06/2017

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Easy guide on how to use my own deck "White Rush". Enjoy!

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  • 3 Syland Horsemaster 2
  • 3 Imperial Guard 2
  • 1 Campfire 2
  • 2 Shimmering Statue 2
  • 5 War Yak 1
  • 3 Outland Ranger 3
  • 3 Cutthroat Bandit 2
  • 3 Rebel Glider 2
  • 1 Steam Forge 2
  • 5 Freedom Fighter 2
  • 3 Master Swordsman 1
  • 4 Maceman 3
  • 2 Defender of the Homela... 2
  • 0 Imperial Drain 1
  • 3 Rebel Slinger 3

This is a rush deck, so the first thing you have to do is place white territories straight, 2 or 3 depending on when you start. The important thing is to get right in the face of the enemy as soon as possible. Territories control is crucial for a rus win. If you have an Steam Forge place it in front of you ad as soon as possible place some characters to benefit form them. If you're starting fist, i usually prefer to not place anything to gain 6 Faeria and then place 2 characters at the same time. Don't you ever defend as the deck cards are counted, you can't waste anything, It's do or die. Use the taunt characters and structures to protect your attacking cards. There are a lot of Campifire, i prefer to use them only when attacking, cause using them before will allert the enemy. If you are able to gain some Faeria form the enemy places it's usually good, because it's a 2.8 medium faeria deck, and gain some more will help you a lot in winning. And that's it! Hope you will enjoy and have fun!