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Beginners guide "What to craft?"

Posted by DefaultThis on 15/04/2017

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I know most new players are looking for some sort of list what to craft and of course what not to. Basically a list of useful cards.

Why would I make this list?
First, I've been playing Faeria quite some time since the beta (more than I want to admit). I've reached legend multiple times, also playing Pandora for quite some time. And I like to tinker with decks and strategies.

Secondly I spent hardly any real money into this game; just the 'Faeria - Steam Pack' when alpha released. Not that I don't want to support this awesome game, but never really needed it. Till this stage it is quite grindable. I currently miss 4 Legends (Sharra, Dream (disenchanted after nerf), Ignus and Iona) and just some unplayable epics. But I'm sitting on enough shards to basically play anything.

Also I do recommend starting this game in Pandora. It's a great way of learning the game, you do not need a collection whatsoever and rewards are noticeably higher in Pandora then in ladder.

First there are no commons in here; I do not recommend crafting them. Also rares usually come as you grind towards a full collection. However dont think twice if you want to craft them, having strong cards makes the game more fun to play.

I tried to make this list in ascending order; generally speaking, the higher in the list the more times the card is used and/or the better the card is.

So lets get down to the list.

Top cards to craft

Neuteral General decks
Outland ranger Event based decks
Time of Legends Most decks with legends

Green General decks
Feed the Forrest All G
Ruunins Guidance Most G
Verduran Force Most G
Sagami Grovecaller Most G
Thyrian Golem Mono G
Earthcraft Most non mono decks
Oakling Some G
Tethra Soul of the Wind Some G
Grove Guardian Some G

Blue General decks
Aurora Myth Maker All B
Frogify Most B
Mirror Phantasm Most B
Mystic Beast Most B
Battle Toads Most B
Wavecrash Colossus Most B
Triton Trainer Jump
Ninja Toad Jump
Gabrian Enchantress Enchantress

Red General decks
Seifers Wrath All R
Flame Burst All R
Axe Grinder Most R
Garudan Heart of the Mountain Most R
Groundshaker Most R
Seifer Blood Tyrant Most R
Grim Guard Some R

Yellow General decks
Khalim Sky Prodigy All Y
Last Nightmare Most Y
Zealous Crusader Y-Rush
Khalims Prayer Y-Rush
Oradrim Monk Y-Rush
Windstorm Colossus Events
Flash Wind Events
Windstorm Archer Events

Multi-coloured General decks
Scourgeflame Specter Combat/Control
Crackthorn Beast Midranged

Most of these cards are played as a full playset in the current Meta.

Tech-cards and other cards to craft

Neuteral General decks
Radiance Imperial Airship Self damage decks/control
Wandering Monk Midranged/control
Kings Faithful R rush
Kings Guard Midranged/control
Queens Guard Midranged/control
Magnus King of Meroval Control decks
Yak Attack Sacrifice/control
Imperial drain Some rush decks
Baron Thulgar Control decks

Green General decks
Voice of Truth Tech
Flowersilk Faerie Echantress/events
Ruunins Messenger G-Rush
God Hunter G rush

Blue General decks
Gabrian Commander Blue sevens
Sunken Tower Tech
Spellwhirl Event/control
Triton Sanctuary Tech
Triton Banquet Tech
Baeru the First Wave Control
Luduan Midranged
Forbidden Library Selfdamage/control
Dream Reaver Combo/contro
Auroras Creation Combo/contro
Failed Experiment Combo
Orosei Dream of the Deep Combo

Red General decks
Firestorm Some control decks
Bomb Slinger Mono R/control
Hellfire Control
Derelict Tower Tech
Meteor Bargain

Yellow General decks
Choking sand Tech/control
Windborne Champion Control
Death Walker Sacrifice/rush
Khalims Training Midranged
Wind Gate Rush/tech
Celestial Tower Flyers/tech
Golden Aviary Flyers
Annoying Gnat Flyers
Oradrim Sagittarius Rush/archers
Shaytan Assassin Sacrifice
Doomgate Door to Oblivion Sacrifice
Desert Twister Control
Azarai Wrath of the Desert Control

Multi-coloured General decks
Three Wishes Three Wishes
Twinsoul Spirit Control
Apex Predator Apex enchantress
Soul Eater GY sacrifice

These cards are more situational. Some are used in just a specific deck (for instance Yellow Fliers or GY Sacrifice) and other deck run just one copy of tech cards.

As this game is constantly changing this list might not be as relevant in time. This is my current opinion on what to craft these days.

Do you agree or disagree with specific cards? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoy it!

xploring 15/04/2017 22:55

Thank you!

Some newbie questions:

What does “Tech” mean?
Syland Horsemaster for Green and Red midrange decks?
What do think of Unlikely Hero for Green?
Left out Elderwood Embrace?
Why are Snowstorm Lancers usually left out of Blue Jump?
Any Ranged creature worth crafting?

DefaultThis 16/04/2017 10:07

Tech cards are used less often, usually just one copy. People change decks if they are facing the same deck very often to make sure they have an advantage over them. Also I wanted to make a difference between cards which are in most decks and cards which are used in just a few.

All cards you mention are great, but common! I left them out on purpose. You could craft them but I assume most people have them already (or at least 1-2 copies).

Unlikely Hero does see little play in Y-rush and Green decks however, so little that I left it out.

Windstorm Archer is still used a lot if you want to play ranged. Also some people try Flamesilk Faerie, but till now it’s never really been part of the Meta.


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