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GBR Savior of the Enchanted Salamander

Posted by ThePlaymaker on 15/09/2020

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Credit: This is a **HEAVILY** modified version of Kaerukero's "Lord of the Meek" deck.

General thoughts:

- MEEK IS VIABLE; HOLY-FUCKING shit. I've been playing this on ladder, and the boards this deck can make.. I can only imagine is one of the most infuriating experiences to see sometimes.

- This deck is not actually hard to learn, but to play optimally requires a ton of thinking & foresight; I personally lose to boards I shouldn't lose to, but because I didn't make the perfect play, I lost. For that reason, this has to be ranked Expert. I can only get to Rank 10 myself with this.

- I haven't yet figured out the Shifting Tide card slot; I've tried Gagana, Ruunin's Guidance, Tower of Curses, Emperor's Command, Destructive Volley, but nothing really feels right for one reason or another. Tide is really just the thing I am currently testing.

- A lot of the jank from the previous version came from the equal importance of all 3 colors, so for this version, I chose to make the core G/B, and keep Red as a finisher.

- This is easily the most teched-out deck I have ever played, let alone built myself. I am VERY proud :DDD


- Mulligan away Flamesilk, Salamander, & Gift. If you get a bunch of spells/structure, Turn 4 cards, or a combination of these, mulligan all.

- Going first, open double-neutral on opposing sides of your orb. Going second, I usually pick neutral/lake on opposing sides.

- This deck plays like Salamander-midrange; build onto the side the opponent builds towards.

- You want to cycle through building G/B/R each turn. You can start with either Green or Blue, depending on your hand, but Red is always last. Don't land the last Red until you need to.

- Each color plays a purpose. Green provides your creatures for battle. Blue provides the spells to trade with, and collectors. Red provides situational game-changers. Likewise, this influences where you want the lands to land. Blue likes to be near orbs, green likes to be as close to the enemy as possible, and Red needs one in front of your orb, and one near your creatures for Salamander. Don't stack the same land next to each other; but sometimes it needs to be done.


- Tax Collector: Good beatstick. Kinda perfect for the Enchantment/Meek combination going on, but not good enough to warrant 3 copies. Have considered Revler, but it doesn't have much synergy with Enchantment. Similarly, Dream Keeper doesn't have synergy with Meek. Finally, it being a neutral really helps smooth the 3-color combination.

- Wandering Monk: A buffing Monk with divine is not a laughing matter.

- Living Willow: 3/7 + Guard + Divine. Or a 7/7 with taunt.

- Majinata/Tethra: Honestly, these guys are the reason this deck can approach viability. Tethra essentially drops 2 threats on the board, AND is a mobile collector. Majinata originally was Grappling Hook, but since its Red, it would come out one turn later, and also be too late to be effective. Also, synergy with Biomancer.

- Gift of the Rakoa: The deck is pretty swarm-y, so I keep this a swing/win-con.

- Gabrian Enchantment/Humbling Vision: Let you trade with enemy creatures. Lemme just note here: to make Meek viable, fucking HOW MANY other stat modifiers needed to be in the deck to STAND A CHANCE???

- Sunken Tower/Shifting Tide: Recent addition, but HOLY CRAP I love Tower. Divine? No problem; doesn't target the creature. Try to protect your Husk? Step aside. The dirtiest is when you have Path & drop the nastiest Salamander the game has *ever* seen.

- Biomancer: Pairs well with Monk, searches Salamander, your legionaries, and your Flamesilk win-con. Speaking of..

- Flamesilk Faerie: Win-con. Kaerukero was right; when you get to land Flamesilk with Meek, its really great. I don't want it any other time except for the endgame, so I only play one.

- Path to Paradise: That +2 ATK honestly comes in handy. That buff also doesn't target, so you can buff Majinata with it, which I've done a couple times.

- Emerald Salamander: BROKEN. Like GOD-FUCKING DAMN. AOE, buffs without targeting.. do you know the fear of facing down an 8/6 ranged + Divine? I only imagine.


- Losing match-ups: Burn & Crackthorn. Theoretically, BY Pew Pew too. It's always close, but consistently I lose to Red because of their shit. Crackthorn doesn't target, and can grind as well as this deck, so when the time comes for that Crackthorn drop, I usually only have one creature on the board & it takes the full force of the Crackthorn. A deck that can drop a ranged creature at the beginning of the game would most likely kill me before I can build towards it.

- Figure out the Shifting Tide slot.

- Meek Lives.

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