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UR Miracle Monk

Posted by Karshtakavar on 24/05/2018

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This is a fairly intuitive deck based on an old deck from Magic: The Gathering called Miracle Gro. The goal of the deck in Magic was to play and protect a creature that grew as you played cards, winning with an oversized beast while disrupting your opponents attempts at interacting with it or you. This is an attempt at the same 'tempo' style of play in Faeria.
The main "Gro" creature in the deck is Wandering Monk, although there are backups in Aurora's Disciple and Flamesilk Faerie. Learning how and when you can play them out, cycle cards to grow them and push for victory is key to getting wins with this list.

The core of the deck is the interaction between Wandering Monk and Dream Keeper - I'm sure I'm not the first to post a deck like this. The cost reduction granted by Dream Keeper is very relevant for setting up Aurora's Disciple as well, so don't be afraid to play one without a Monk if it's hitting enough cards.
Shifting Tide is one of the best cards in the deck, for one simple reason: Moving a land lets a creature with Ranged (Like a Monk with a Grappling Hook) get into position and still attack. This is incredibly relevant, and spotting it when it comes up will get you wins seemingly out of nowhere. The fact that it's a 0 mana cantrip after a single Dream Keeper is pretty amazing too, as it'll grow all of your core creatures for free. It can move opposing taunts away if you're going for the tempo plan, protect creatures from incoming trades, disrupt early aggression if both players are rushing face, enable early aggression by moving Monks and Disciples towards the opponents orb, you'll always find something to do with it. The card is just an all star in the deck.
Curious Biomancer digs for Monk while Lore Thief and Dream Keeper dig for everything, so unlike some combos there's no need to worry about key cards being stuck at the bottom of your deck.

There are a few routes to victory.
1: Playing as a tempo deck, trying to reach the opponents orb ASAP with double land placement and getting damage in with one or two early Monks or Disciples. This will need to be accomplished while also stalling your opponents attempts at a response with land movement, taunts and removal - This is -very- fragile to yellow removal and you can just lose to a Last Nightmare or even Choking Sand if incautious, but it can be the only chance for victory against slower RG decks.
2: Playing back near your own Orb, sticking exclusively to early lakes and mountains. The plan is: Collecting with creatures with early game relevance, getting chip damage in off Faeries and Seifer's Wrath, then going for the kill with a Grappling Hook + Monk two turn combo. This is the route I usually take, but as a genuine control deck will always outvalue you, it's important to recognise when you need to race face, and very important not to waste your Monks or Grappling Hook.

Whichever route you take, there are a few things to keep in mind:
If you do drop them low enough before losing board, burn or ranged creatures can finish them off, but be wary of potential healing. Don't scare your opponent into using Emperor's Command for health.
Don't be afraid to switch gears and slow down/speed up based on your opponents play.
Use cards like Flamesilk Faerie and Seifer's Wrath to disrupt your opponents collectors. There's a lot of draw in the deck, so spending some of it on flipping a Faerie or trading a Wrath for a collector is better than it looks. The less Faeria they have, the worse their development and the more difficulty they'll have in dealing with multiple simultaneous threats.
Lore Thief -then- Dream Keeper
Ancient Herald will only ever discount Monk or Tortoise. It makes a pretty solid turn 2 play against aggressive decks, so don't be afraid to keep in in the mulligan.
Don't play a Tortoise for 8 mana. You'll be able to get it for 5 or 6 later, and it'll still do its job.

I'm going to be entirely honest - I play casual and against friends, not ranked. I have no idea how this would work in a tuned metagame, epecially at high ranks. I don't have mulligan, early land placement or other related advice to give based on that. I'm interested to know how it does work in that setting, however, and if you try the deck I'd love to hear feedback on card choices and decision making.

If you want to tweak it right off the bat without testing, the core of the deck is pretty small.
3 Wandering Monk
3 Shifting Tide
2-3 Aurora's Disciple
4-6 Lore Thief + Curious Biomancer
1 Grappling Hook
3 Dream Keeper
The rest can be tuned in whatever direction makes you most comfortable.

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