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Ultimate Kaios (K.O.)

Posted by koozniak on 19/12/2017

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1- Play your small creatures.
2-Summon "Emperor Kaios"
3- Summon "Fugoro, merchant of wonders", choose "Ulani's medalion"
4- Turn all your small creatures in "Emperor Kaios"
5- Watch your opponent K.O. (should we say Kaios?)

This deck is very fun, it's been a long time that i like "Emperor Kaios" and unfortunatly he is absent in all the good decks of the current meta, so i decided to creat a fun deck in his honor.

-The purpose of the deck is to play many small creatures, then "Emperor Kaios", and finally "Fugoro", choose "Ulani's medalion", and turn all your small creatures in "Emperor Kaios".
At this moment your opponent can't do anything, every creature he'll summon will have summoning sickness, and on the next turn all your emperors will kill any creature by giving them -1/-0, and once the creature reaches 0 in her strength it's dead, directly killed by your emperors.

If by any chance a creature would be already on the board when u play your combo, u've got 3 "Crystal flower" and many taunt creatures whose purpose are only to gain 1 turn when the creature is back from "Crystal flower" and then be killed on next turn by all your emperors.

I decided to play many cards that give 2 or 3 creatures (like "Yak attack", "Gabrian noble" or "Battle toads"), therefore it should be easier to have many creatures on board when the combo is ready.

It is a fun deck and nothing else, i found the idea very funny and once u manage to play your combo it is very pleasant to see it performing.


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disclose 19/12/2017 22:14

The idea is fun, but getting this off is almost impossible. One Garudan before you get the combo and you’re done. Tried this deck in casual 5 times and lost all 5 times. :frowning:

koozniak 24/12/2017 22:34

Yes Disclose, sorry to have make u lose 5 fights (!), but like i said it is a fun deck, nothing more, kind an honor to a card i like, “Emperor Kaios”.
Maybe could the deck be improved, probably, but it will remain a fun deck, a 3 or 4 cards combo is often hard to achieve.

4xel 07/02/2018 23:05

I’ve played a similar deck recently, but oriented toward pulling off the Combo asap and consistently (your list seems oriented toward surviving long enough for it).

I’d say I have more economics cards and more draws (eg 3 lore thiefs), I got biomancers, dream Keeper and time of legend for maximum consistency, also time of legen is probably not useful.

I also run sky yaks because they are amazing as tokens but also defensively against rush, and to gather more faeria, as well as a back up target for your medallion (the whole combo cost 14, 11 if you already have yak on board, where as Kaois combo costs 16 and is more susceptible to be targeted by removal, so you’re less likely to want Kaios already on board)

And since I run sky yak, I run wrangler to kill my stormspawn or sometimes yak, and octopus because their versatility is useful both for survival and as a finisher.

I can’t guaranty success as I haven’t tested my most recent list, but vs AI for now, I consistently finish the game with an empty deck

koozniak 08/02/2018 03:05

Hi 4xel

Thank u 4 all ur suggestions

First u are very right about lore thief, i really hesitated to include them.

The combo Sky yak/ Wrangler isn’t a bad idea, and i’m gonna test this right away.

I already said that it was a fun deck because a combo with so many variables is really hard to succed, but if it does this is an impossible return for the opponent.

I’m gonna test ur suggestions and i give u my feedback.

Best of luck!


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