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Three Dreams

Posted by JoeES420 on 25/11/2017

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So I brewed this after trying an old Gabrian build which I found moderate success. It tried to use tough easy to summon creatures while stalling til it could play Three Wishes. My only problem was if I didn't get a game-winning card off the wish it was back to stalling til the next one usually. Needless to say things like red combat and ramp destroyed it but surprisingly it did well against yellow rush. Anyway I took inspiration from that playstyle and tried to improve it.

I would really appreciate any advice on this deck since it is my first but currently I have climbed from 12-9 without a loss so I'm not sure if it needs much changes. On to the list!


2x Hold The Line! - This card has been fantastic in helping me to setup early collectors (turn 1 if you have explore), midgame can help stabilize the board and recover some hp, by the lategame you can combo it with Dream Keeper to draw an extra card.

2x Crystal Flower - This card is fantastic in slowing down aggro/midrange decks, don't be afraid to use these when it will give you board advantage or just temporarily deals with an early threat. Either way this card is purely for stalling out 4 turns which is a perfect amount of time to play our next card.

3x Azure Skywhale - Your win condition, usually you will have placed a land that lets him charge at your opponents orb next turn. Generally I use him to apply massive pressure rather than as a defensive tool.


3x Earthcraft - Absolutely core to the deck, I even considered running Seed of Paradise since the effects were similar but he felt lackluster and slow. Just use this card smartly, sometimes it will be better to play more creatures rather than ramping quicker.


1x Garudan, Heart of the Mountain - The only reliable board clear I could find for the deck and acts like an early Skywhale. Generally though I use him to contest enemy wells and get double collection going.


3x Sky Yak - Oh what a card! Similar to Hold The Line! in that it has usefulness at every stage of the game, early it is a potential double collector for us, midgame it is great at stabilizing the board and lategame can be used to aggressively place lands, body block for your Skywhales or even just swarm an enemy orb. I love this card.

3x Three Wishes - The whole reason I made the deck! In this build I use it more as a support/combo card. Its support role is just the healing and possible usefulness of the cards it drew. The combo part is kinda fun, play it just before a dream keeper and generally you will have a full hand with lot of discounted cards being redrawn. I usually just start goofing around at this point and keep playing stuff til I fill my opponents board with my creatures or start forming my creatures in to letters to say "Hi" to my opponent. Good times.

3x Dream Keeper - This card feels very underrated, he's yet another early collector but more importantly he is a second mulligan. There are plenty of times I've played him turn 2 when I had Skywhale/Wish in my opening hand only to draw an Earthcraft and Sky Yak for example. However the reverse can be true so do be careful playing him that early. Most of the time I play my first one to either collect or after I've used all my playable cards in hand so I don't stall (say it's turn 4 and all that's left in my hand is 2 Skywhales and a Frog-Tosser that would be a great time to dream keeper). The other 2 are based on how the game is going. Most of the time though they will combo with Wish or Ulani to make your deck really cheap!

3x Shifting Octopus - A useful midrange body that is very flexible, almost always pick up +0/+2 but the other one depends on the situation. Taunt is my most picked but I do choose jump occasionally too.

1x Ulani, Oversky Shaman - When you see this guy you know you're about to have some fun. His draw 4 almost always picks up one Dream Keeper and gets the deck in to turbodrive. Keep him in your opening hand, even though he costs 4 lands his ability to get the deck rolling before turn 8 is immense.

3x Skyward Swordfish - Again another useful midrange body but it does come a little later in the game, I'm not certain on his place in the deck but on the other hand he his amazing at contesting an enemy well or placing an aggressive land. I'm not sure what his replacement would be if I did cut him though.

3x Frog-Tosser - Some much needed hard removal and comes right before we hit our sweet spot of 8 lands. Amazing at bringing a board back in your favor or he can be used to aggressively place lands which isn't easy but it's doable (just try to manipulate the frog placement as best you can). One of my MVP in a lot of matches because many opponents struggle to deal with Frog-Tosser -> Frog-Tosser ->Skywhale. Sometimes I have the second whale but it is very unnecessary by then.

Alright so now on to the playstyle!

You want to place your lands to the side of your orb to begin with and get early collectors behind your wells. We are going to play absolute defense for our first turns. Forests can spawn the majority of our creatures so keep that in mind when placing since most games you only get 2/3 Forests, Islands are nearly as important but 2 of our creatures can't spawn there. Deserts should generally be near wells, Swordfish and Sky Yak come from them and are great at contesting. Mountains can be anywhere, really the only one you want to try and get is 2 spaces from your opponents orb so Garudan has an easy charge, this is a very low priority land so don't open yourself up just to play it.

Hopefully you have your side of the board under control and unless your opponent had explore and went with 4 neutral lands your orb should be covered and you have 1 or 2 collectors up. Again you want to stall until you get the lands to play your better stall cards (lol). If your opponent did not take an aggressive start then you want to try to contest one of his wells. Swordfish is your best bet for this but Octopus with jump and a couple Sky Yaks can do the job too. If you get an opportunity to drop an aggressive land take it as long as you have the sides of your orb covered. I cannot stress how important it is to make sure your aggressive plays don't compromise your defense. You can defend your orb all day as long as your opponent doesn't get an aggressive land placed. The same cannot be said for most other decks. You have way more stats and value than your opponent, use that to your advantage.

So hopefully you got an aggressive land in the midgame. If not no big deal, it is really easy to get a land for Skywhale to charge in to the opponents orb. Here you can play any card in your deck and I don't think there is a deck that can keep up with the weight of stats you will play. Your Dream Keepers will have hopefully hit 15-20 cards and your Skywhales deal with any threat your opponent might play at this point. Go for absolute board control. Make sure your opponent can't comeback.

Crush their dreams.

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