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Grrr (GR Angry)

Posted by Kaerukero on 12/02/2022

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They said it couldn't be done!

Thanks to the feedback I received while streaming and my own continued play-testing, the deck has been significantly improved! The average play cost has been reduced (allowing for more sustained flow of creatures) and aggressive ramp openings are more common and consistent. The deck is now also capable of a nasty T2 opening with a T1 Seed of Paradise into a T2 double-neutral, Path to Paradise, and either an Axe Grinder or Imperial Trooper (also God Hunter technically but, well, you know...).

The Adds
-x1 Imperial Trooper: improves overall consistency, but also the consistency of the T2 opener
-x1 Fire Elemental: an additional source of creature ramp instead of running 3x Path to Paradise which are usually horrible draws late game. Alternatively you can keep the 3x Path to Paradise if you want the T2 opener just that bit more often, but it isn't recommended
-x1 Flame burst: covers a wide range of early targets and makes burn finishers more consistent
-x2 Emperor's Command: replaced Blood Obelisk early on, great utility card for trade fixing, structure removal and occasionally healing.
-x2 God Hunter: cheap and effective aggro creature that is still a bit too easy to punish. Probably can be replaced with Syland Horsemaster (or maybe Shamanic Dance/Ruunin's Guidance), but often enough out paces opponents answers
-x3 Seed of Paradise: excellent source of early ramp that can still be played mid to late game as a collector or even a blocker. Its addition created the T2 opener.

The Cuts
-x1 Hate Seed: the deck simply doesn't pump out angry creatures fast enough to consistently reduce Hate Seed to an aggressive cost
-x1 Path to Paradise: basically a dead draw late game, sometimes even mid game
-x2 Blood Obelisk: didn't do enough to help the aggro game plan and took up space for more utility
-x2 Rotting Boar: as nice a the Dash 1 and Tutor+Buff was, overall its just too slow and awkward
-x2 Crumbling Golem: too slow and exploitable, and needless without Rotting Boar
-x2 Ruunin's Guidance: buffs weren't overly necessary and making the second forest was occasionally too slow, otherwise cut for consistency. Could be traded back in for God Hunter if desired

Most of what's said below still applies, obviously excluding cards no longer in the list.

Okay, so it's no RY Angry, but its still pretty decent. It differs from RY Angry in that it focuses on marching a bunch of mid-sized threats to overwhelm your opponent as opposed to spamming a bunch of smaller, more efficient creatures to quickly grow your Firebringers (Wind Soldier, Demon Wrangler, etc). It also has more of a land invasion angle, facilitated by Exotic Pet (the inspiration for the deck), Rotting Boar, and Imperial Trooper.

The List:

[Firebringer, Hate Seed]: Obviously it wouldn't be an Angry list without these guys. They won't be as quickly buffed or discounted in this list but they still play their usual role: dogpiling your opponent with an insurmountable hill of scary creatures.

[Outland Ranger, Axe Grinder]: The staples! Axe Grinder is a great value creature and of course has the potential to buff itself if played aggressively. Outland Ranger allows for flexibility in these combat focused lists and is a great opening creature.

[Imperial Trooper]: arguably also a staple, it's has nice stats for its cost and can steal land as a bonus.

[Exotic Pet]: a cheap creature with flexible placement that can push deep into your opponents lands, all while improving your Firebringers/Hate Seeds.

[Path to Paradise]: it's here almost exclusively for rushing down an Axe Grinder spot (or otherwise aggressive land) with double-neutrals on Turn 3. Could be cut for Fire Elementals, but I prefer the cheapness and versatility over an extra angry creature.

[Ruunin's Guidance, Flame Burst]: Some basic utility cards. Ruunin's Guidance is nice to have access to from Green; it helps fix trades and the healing can be nice in a pinch, though it could be cut for Emperor's Command which fills a similar role. Flame Burst can also help fix trades but it's more so here as removal and a potential burn finisher (sub for Seifer's Wrath according to your preference).

[Rotting Boar]: while not the best stats for its cost, it's an okay body to dash onto your opponent's land. Of course you're mostly hoping it gets to tutor and buff one of your FireBringers or, failing that, one of your Crumbling Golems.

[Crumbling Golem]: a nice big body (that loves to be played aggressively) with the unfortunate downside of your opponent being able to manipulate its life. It's mostly here so Rotting Boar has something to grab if you manage to corrupt early but it also really benefits from the buff. The extra health it gets from Rotting Boar helps to significantly lower the impact of your opponent summoning creatures after it's played.

[Blood Obelisk]: helps you keep up momentum while trading in your creatures, though the burn effect is negligible. Probably can be cut for something else (potentially Syland Horsemaster) or to increase the consistency for the rest of the list.

Unfortunately, dear Haunted Willow and God Hunter did not make the cut because they are still pretty bad outside of Green Rush (and even then...). The deck is pretty aggressive, so they weren't the worst inclusions: I really under-tested God Hunter so maybe I'm undervaluing it's jump and Haunted Willow is still a nice mix of cheap but demanding when played near face, but the opponent has way too easy of a time taking advantage of them both.

The Play:

Like any Aggro deck, this deck likes to go second to use Explore. Mulligan for Path to Paradise and Axe Grinder, but otherwise just focus on having early creatures to play. Your opening turns will almost always be T1 forest, T2 mountain, T3 double-neutral up the side hopefully into Path to Paradise. The exceptions to this are if your only opening creature is Axe Grinder, it can be worth playing it T1, or if you're playing against rush, which probably goes without saying. I prefer to go opposite of my opponent for a better shot at the well spot, but if you open with Exotic Pet/Rotting Boar it can be better to go same side to push onto enemy lands.
Things are pretty straightforward once you reach your opponents face, just play to keep up the pressure whether that's maximizing Firebringer/Hateseed value or summoning them early. It can also be nice to have a smaller collector hang back if you don't have a Blood Obelisk set up.

On the whole, I think it's a fun variation of Angry and I've really enjoyed my time working on it. I'd love if you gave it a shot ^v^)d


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