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RGBeasts Value

Posted by Kaerukero on 29/02/2020

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A tri-color deck that revolves around the beast and +5 life synergies.
I've been doing pretty well with this deck, even if it's on the heavier side. ^v^

The main goal of the deck is to make the most of all these medium sized creatures through the faeria cost reductions of A. Herald, Trainer, and A. Boar, and the buffs of A. Beastmaster, Fugu, and Salamander. KB Tender happens to synergize very well with both sides of the deck, as does Shozen.

This deck gains value by relying on your investments in these larger creatures making way for future ones. In general, creatures should have an easy time sticking on the board, helping to ensure collection and ideally taking on multiple threats. Obviously size doesn't protect your creatures from hard removal and transform effects, but the cost reduction and smart play should help mitigate the losses. My advice is to be extra weary of these threats early on, especially Choking Sand on Fugu or Grizzly.

To play this deck, I like to mulligan for A. Herald, A. Beastmaster, Fugu, and Grizzly, prioritizing them with respect to that order. If all else fails, prioritize cheating out something with Beast trainer or prepping lands and saving faeira for some sort of swing. This deck has the muscle to turtle around the orb (which Salamander obviously appreciates), but unless you're up against aggro, I recommend working up the side opposite your opponent and digging between the wells. Value is the name of the game, so building up an ever harder wall to scale is valuable against aggro, but having creatures actually reach your opponent before the end of the century is valuable the rest of the time.

Due to this decks slower start, the early game is very important, so there are a few openings to go over and things to keep in mind. When you start first, it's best to start with a forest in center and to wait and see which direction your opponent starts down, then head the opposite way. The exception to this is if you start with A. Beastmaster, in which case you should hug the back. If you start second, simply go opposite your opponent, making sure only to explore out Grizzly if it's safe. Since Fugu and A. Herald both only require a lake, and because the rest of the deck is so forest dependant, I always place a forest first. This deck can really snowball if you let it get rolling, so don't get tripped up early on.

Tips and Tricks:
*Be aware of what a high priority target A. Beastmaster is and do what you can to ensure it gets at least some value before it's taken down i.e. getting it out of Choke/Firebomb range or playing it the same turn as another creature
*If you don't suspect a Choking Sand/Firebomb, and you started with A. Herald and A. Beastmaster, feel free to go Fo>Fo>La for the buff on A. Herald
*Don't underestimate Hippo. It's slow but it's a monster near your opponent's orb and Hunt Down goes a long way with it.
*Generally, Beast Trainer is great just for gaining momentum by cheating out a large body, but they're also great at keeping a Hippo or Salamander in your back pocket for later
*Try to ensure A. Boar isn't hit by Beast trainer, it usually doesn't need the discount and it ends up being a waste
*Probably don't need to mention this last one, but Grizzly still loves Hunt Down

Potential modifications:
*Humbling Vision can help to ensure value trades, but I don't really find it necessary
*Mystic Beast synergizes with both the +5 life and beast aspects of the deck, along with being cheap. It's definitely worth considering but I personally find it better suited to strictly BG Beast decks (which are frankly more consistent than this one, but lack the Trainer/Salamander options outside of Tiki Zoologist). Replace Hippo if you do decide to run it
*Tyranax is also just a solid piece of earlier game with plenty of synergy, but I feel like it takes more than it gives (which is nothing =v= ). I ran it for awhile before replacing it with Ruunin's Guidance to help against burn and help with trades.

I think that's it. I apologize if this was a bit wordy and/or redundant.
Please let me know if you play it ^v^)/

Also, keep an eye out for me on the Discord. I'll be sharing some art in the near future OoO


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